all About us


In 2014 we moved in to what we hope will be our 'forever home' but it needs a lot of love, tlc and tons and tons of money. We are renovating the house from top to bottom, including new bathrooms and kitchen, an extension and the removal of some very, very bad wallpaper choices! When we're not scraping wallpaper we love to travel and have days out. We love to travel and try and go on as many holidays and days out as the bank account will allow. We have a huge wanderlust wishlist and we are always looking for the next place to visit. 

So, who are we?

Memories and Mayhem is written by Sam. I'm a 30-something mum of 2 living in Essex in the UK and I am a Librarian in a high school. I know that sounds a tad dull and I'm sure you've got an image of somebody that's quiet and terribly sensible, but I'm the complete opposite! I talk way too much and love a glass or two of Prosecco. I love to cook, although I'm not sure I'm any good at it, and I can often be found singing my lungs out whilst cooking up a storm! I have Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness that causes me to suffer from awful headaches and pain across my whole body on a daily basis, but I'm determined not to let it take over my life. I am a huge Formula 1 fan and I go crazy for all things Disney - I love the films, the songs, the theme parks, the merchandise, you name it I love it! Of course I wouldn't be a very good librarian if I didn't like to read and if you were to look beside my bed you would find a huge stack of books waiting to be read, my favourite books ever are The Catcher In The Rye and To Kill A Mockingbird. These days I get to read a lot of YA fiction too, so that I can make sure that I help my students read the most suitable books for them. 

Mark is my lovely husband who works hard to pay for all of the renovations to the house, plus he funds my Disney addiction too! Mark is also a 30-something and he also loves F1 (I think he secretly loves Disney too, but I don't think he would admit that!). When he's not at work or fixing part of the house, you can find him in the gym - if you ever find me in the gym please slap me and remind me how much I hate exercising. Mark is a bit of a fitness junkie, he has a degree in sports science and spent many years working as a gym manager. 

Abby was born in 2002 and she loves all things sports related, especially athletics and ice skating. Abby wants to be a chef when she's older and she's always practising her skills by cooking dinner for us. Abby is a total girly girl and spends all of her pocket money on clothes and make-up!

Harry was born in 2005 and can usually be found with a games console in his hand. He loves to read and he is learning to play the guitar. Harry is ridiculously intelligent and will often reduce the whole room to silence by imparting some incredibly clever piece of information that makes the rest of us look like total morons - seriously, don't let this kid play Trivial Pursuit against you! Harry is a bit of a tech junkie and he uses that clever brain of his to code games that he's made himself, I think he fancies himself as a bit of a Steve Jobs of his generation! 

We have two pets - Cinders the cat who is getting on a bit, but still thinks she's a kitten, she rules the house and we're all a little bit terrified of her. Chester is our chocolate Labrador who is completely nuts! He's not scared of Cinders at all and is convinced that she is a toy for him to play with - much to her disgust.

So that's us, we're slightly crackers but in a good way. We love to have fun and our home is full of noise and laughter, either the music is loud or the TV is on. If we haven't bored you to tears by now, we hope you enjoy reading about the Mayhem of the renovations and the Memories we make along the way.