10 Essential Items To Put In Your Hand Luggage

There is nothing worse than getting off of a long-haul flight only to discover that your luggage has gone missing. You stand at the baggage carousel long after everybody else has left to start their holiday, convincing yourself that your bags have just been slightly delayed and any minute now they’ll appear and then the carousel is switched off. 

So you drag your jet-lagged body to baggage reclaim to fill in various forms, while all the time trying not to have a meltdown that any two year old would be proud of. Eventually you reach your accommodation only to realise that you have literally nothing to tide you over until your bags arrive.

This actually happened to us last time we visited Orlando. Now we were very lucky because we were staying at a Disney hotel with plenty of amenities, but it would have been awful if we were somewhere that was miles from any shops. The first thing we did was inform the Front Desk at the hotel so that if our bags showed up there they could send them up to the room,(the airport had said they would forward them straight on if they found them). The second thing we did was contact our travel insurance company who were fantastic and helped get us sorted. Our bags eventually arrived 48 hours after we did, they had been having a holiday of their own in Miami courtesy of the check-in desk at London Heathrow not labelling them properly!

From now on I will always pack certain items in our hand luggage, just in case we lose our bags again. Here’s our list of 10 essential items to carry on with you;

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1. Fresh underwear

2. A spare top 

3. A swimsuit – especially for the kids as they will want to swim the minute they see the pool!

4. A toothbrush

5. Babywipes – they’re just really handy!

6. A hairbrush

7. Charger cable for phone/tablet

8. Phone/tablet/entertainment – especially for kids as the wait at the airport while they search for your bags can be quite long.

9. Deodorant – you can’t take a spray can on the plane due to it being pressurised, but it’s fine to take a small roll-on deodorant in your bag.

10. Travel documents & Expensive Items – I know this is an obvious one, but I have seen people at the airport opening up their main suitcases to get out their travel documents. Always take expensive items such as cameras and laptops in your hand luggage, never leave them in your suitcase.

What would be in your list of essential items?

I hope that wherever you travel next you have a safe journey and that your baggage makes it to the same destination as you!

Sam xx



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