The Lounge Renovation

Work has finally started on the house hooray! We took our time and got quotes from several trades people and we made sure we knew exactly what we wanted before we started. I created a mood board on Pinterest full of pictures of things I like, such as colour schemes, layout of furniture and accessories. We have decided to stick to a neutral colour scheme and simply add colour through the accessories, that way it’s easy (and not too much hassle) to change things if we get bored of the colours.

The first job was to have the electrics changed. The house was built in the 1960s and we think it still had the original electrics in most of the rooms, many of the sockets didn’t have on/off switches and this worried us from a safety point of view. So a new fusebox was put in in the hall and all of the sockets and switches were replaced. We opted to put at least one socket with a USB outlet in each room as there is always at least one gadget that needs charging.

Once the electrics were done we had the walls and ceiling plastered. We also had a false wall built behind the television to hide all of the cables.

The other big change to the lounge was that we decided to move the door. The room had a glass door with a glass partition wall next to it. The position of the door made it difficult for our furniture to fit, so we decided to block the doorway off with our sofa for a few weeks to see if we liked the layout like that, as we were able to access the lounge through the dining room. It definitely made the room feel bigger and it flowed a lot more nicely, so we removed the door and glass wall and cut another doorway further down the wall.

There was a large radiator that ran under the window and was blocked by the sofa so we chose to have this removed and we will have a vertical radiator on one wall instead.

We didn’t like the fireplace at all. It was a very dated gas fire with a grey tile surround and hearth. We had the fire disconnected and we removed the surround to see what was behind it. There was an old back boiler that we took out and then we had the chimney assessed to see if it was viable for us to have a log burner. It was good news – the chimney is usable and we are hoping to have the new fire in place before Christmas.

Today sees the first wash of paint go on the freshly plastered walls and ceiling. Once they are ready we will get the emulsion on and then it will be time for the new radiator to be plumbed in. I’m hoping this wont take too long as it’s freezing in here – I’m currently wearing my coat while I type this!

You can see all of the photos from the lounge renovation on the Gallery.

I’ll be back with an update soon, in the meantime I’m off to find some gloves and a hat!



  1. Jessica Nichols
    November 19, 2015 / 10:01 pm

    So smart to install outlets with USB ports and I love that you were so intentional about hiding the TV cables. My husband and I bought our home last summer and haven’t done many projects yet. The basement is unfinished and it will be a huge project to finish it. Right now, our TV and sectional sofa are down there, as well as my husband’s office, the laundry room, upright freezer, air hockey table and lots of storage.

    • Samantha Weatherley
      December 9, 2015 / 5:27 pm

      I hate having cables everywhere so it was really important to me to have it looking neat! I would love to have a basement and an air hockey table, that’s so cool!

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