Introducing Chester

Meet Chester, the newest member of our family! He is a chocolate chunky labrador and we are all totally in love with him!

We have talked about getting a dog for years, but our old house wasn’t particularly suitable for a dog so we put it off. Now that we have a much bigger garden we felt that the time was right.

Chester is 9 weeks old. He has had his first set of jabs and is almost ready to go out for walks and meet other dogs. He loves being out in the garden, but he has a tendency to try and eat everything he sees – he’s not fussy either, so far he’s eaten some of the play bark, leaves, stones and fruit that has fallen from the trees and gone all squishy!

He’s been very good so far and hasn’t been phased at all by all of the tradesmen that have been here working on the house. He loves to chew though and has done his best to chew both the Argos and Ikea catalogues to pieces.

Cinders the cat isn’t overly impressed with our new addition, but she is warming to him a bit. We were all worried that she would attack him, as she can be a bit spiteful, but so far she has been ok with him and has only hissed a few times.


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