5 Reasons To Fall In Love With Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Our Thoughts on Disney’s Old Key West Resort

Disney’s Old Key West Resort was the very first onsite hotel that we stayed in at Walt Disney World. We booked it mainly because there was a really good offer at the time of booking so it was a lot cheaper than any of the other Disney resorts. We had visited numerous Disney resorts on previous trips, to have meals at the restaurants, but we had never stayed onsite at Disney before and we weren’t too sure what to expect. From the moment the Magical Express dropped us off at Old Key West I knew we were going to love it!

We booked a studio room that comprised of two queen size beds, a little kitchen area, a small table and two chairs, a tv and dresser and a large bathroom. We also had a small balcony but there was virtually no view due to the trees being so close to it, so we didn’t use it very much. Our room was located at South Point and initially I was really disappointed about this as all of the research I had done said that that was the worst part to stay in, because it was so far away from Hospitality House where the lobby, gift shop and main pool are located. We were driven down to our room on a little golf buggy and it really did feel like we were miles from everywhere, but we soon changed our minds. Directly across the parking lot from our room was a small pool with a hot tub, laundry facilities and a small play area for children. Because it was tucked away, the pool was used by very few people which meant that the children were able to make friends with some other children and they could all splash about and make as much noise as they wanted without annoying anyone. The other bonus to being based at South Point was the bus stop! We were the second stop on the way home and the first stop going out in the morning, which meant we never had to wait for another bus because the first was too crowded. Also, we quickly learnt that if we missed our bus we had enough time to walk up to Hospitality House and jump on it from there after it had done its route through the resort.

We fell in love with Disney’s Old Key West Resort and the kids still say that it is one of their favourite hotels to stay at.


5 reasons why we love Old Key West so much:


5. The Proximity to Disney Springs.

Old Key West is only a few minutes from Disney Springs which means that at the end of an evening strolling around the shops and having dinner it’s not far to go to get back to your room.


A Disney friendship boat heading for Old Key West in dock at Disney Springs


4. Olivia’s Cafe´

This has to be one of the most overlooked restaurants on Disney property. It was virtually empty the night we ate there! The food was absolutely delicious and we couldn’t fault it.


Looking across the lake at Disney's Old Key West Resort, towards Olivia's Cafe. The light makes the picture look hazy. The main buildings of the resort can be seen on the other side of the lake and their lights are reflected on the water.


3. Transportation.

There are, of course, the usual Disney buses that you are able to catch at Old Key West to take you to the parks, but it’s much more exciting to travel by boat! You can catch a boat from Old Key West round to Disney Springs, we loved being able to do this because it was fun and it made a nice change from the buses.


A Disney Friendship Boat called Blossom Queen. It is blue and yellow in colour and has a canopy over it. There is a golf course on the other side of the river.


2. The Theming.

We love Disney through and through, but when it comes to the hotels, we like the more subtle hints of Disney and Old Key West does this perfectly. It is themed to make you feel as if you are in the Florida Keys and it is easy to forget that you are in the heart of Walt Disney World.


Looking at Disney's Old Key West Resort across the lake with a fountain in the middle. A golf course is situated in between the lake and the white buildings of the resort.


1. The Pools.

Our favourite thing to do on holiday is to spend time in the pool and the pools at Old Key West did not disappoint! There was the small pool opposite our room and another two small pools located around the resort (we thought the one at Old Turtle Pond was pretty big, but the info describes it as small). The main pool was fantastic! It’s located behind Hospitality House and has a huge ‘sandcastle’ that is hiding a water slide. There is a beach area and a splash zone for young children. We were waiting for the pool to open one morning when a Cast Member came over and asked the children if they would like to help open the pool and of course they said yes! Once they had gathered more children into their group, the cast members gave each child a bandana to wear and a sword, so that they looked like pirates. They marched around the pool and climbed up inside the sandcastle before each of them slid down the slide and declared the pool open. All of the children were allowed to keep their bandanas and swords which was a lovely and unexpected surprise!


The main swimming pool at Disney's Old Key West Resort. There are lots of people in the water. A bridge allows pedestrians to cross the pool. On the opposite side there are sun loungers with umbrellas and a red and white lighthouse can be seen to the right of the bridge.


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