5 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained On A Flight

When our children were younger I dreaded the thought of taking them on a plane. I would worry about whether they would be able sit still for a number of hours, or if they would fidget and annoy the passengers around them. I needn’t have worried, it’s as if they were born to travel and they love flying and have travelled to some far flung places! Over the years I have found some things work really well to help while away the time in the air. There is often in-flight entertainment available, but this may not always be the case. Here are 5 ways to keep kids entertained on a flight, that have worked for our kids:


a picture of a family sitting on a plane, all facing the camera smiling.

1. Take plenty of snacks.

Our kids seem to develop a huge appetite the minute the plane takes off, so having lots of snacks on hand is a huge help. Why is it that when kids get bored they get hungry? Although snacks aren’t a form of entertainment, they do keep them quiet. We usually take Haribos (we are big Haribo fans in our house!), Pringles and Starbursts. I know there’s nothing healthy in that list at all, but the kids eat really healthily 99% of the time, so a few treats won’t hurt them.


2. Books and Magazines.

We have a tradition of visiting the newsagents and bookstore in the airport. Everyone is allowed to buy one new book or magazine for the flight and it’s a great way to keep them entertained. The kids used to love buying one of those children’s magazines that come with loads of plastic freebies and they would happily play with them and read the magazine during the flight. These days their choices are a bit more mature, but they still love to peruse the bookshelves before each flight. (If you are on a budget definitely don’t buy these at the airport as they can be quite expensive!)


3. Colouring Books.

A colouring book and a pack of Crayola Twistables would keep the children entertained for ages when they were little. I recommend Twistables because they last for ages, don’t mark clothes plus they don’t need sharpening like pencils do.


Two children sitting in a plane. They have their trays down with a glass of water on each one. The boy is being entertained by playing a game on an ipad and the girl, who is sitting by the window, is smiling at the camera.

4. Playing Cards/Small Toys/Travel Games.

A small box of Lego is a great way to keep kids entertained on a flight, plus there’s not too many little pieces for you to worry about losing. We’ve also taken travel games such as Monopoly or Boggle with us and a pack of cards with us in the past.


5. Technology

Ipads/tablets will be your best friend on a long-haul flight. Download your toddler’s favourite tv programmes/films before you go to help distract them when they start to get fidgety. Our kids use their iPads to make their own videos on while they’re on the plane.

What tricks do you have for keeping kids entertained on flights?


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