50 Summer Memories To Make With Your Teens

I love the summer holidays, I like the lazy mornings and the late nights, the lack of school uniform to be washed and ironed and not having the routine that term time requires. But at the same time, the holidays can feel daunting, there’s an expectation to provide fun activities (especially if you’re not going on an actual holiday) and it can be hard to come up with ways to entertain the troops. So I’ve put together a list of 50 Summer Memories To Make With Your Teens that will hopefully help keep them occupied.

If the summer holidays are stretching out in front of you and the kids have already eaten everything in the house and are now declaring they’re bored, I’ve got your back! Hopefully this list will give you loads of activity ideas for the next 6 weeks and you’ll have a ton of new memories to look back on fondly when the sun fades.

Here’s my list of 50 summer memories to make with your teens that will help you to beat the boredom and keep everyone entertained – these are all activities that my teens have enjoyed and I hope yours will too. I’ve tried to keep within a budget for these activities because, let’s face it, a family day out in the U.K is not cheap! So whilst there may be the odd slightly pricier item on this list, most of them will only cost a small amount and the majority are free! (scroll down for a free printable version)

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50 Summer Memories To Make With Your Teens

1. Go to the beach

2. Have a picnic

3. Have a waterfight

4. Look for shooting stars (early August in the U.K is a great time to look for shooting stars)

5. Camp out in the back garden

6. Plant a flower bed

7. Grow vegetables

8. Hold your own sports day

9. Take a train ride to somewhere you’ve never been before

10. Have ice creams

11. Build a den

12. Have a movie night and let the kids choose the films

13. Go on a bike ride

14. Read a book together

15. Visit a museum

16. Have a games night

17. Do some baking together

18. Go to the cinema

19. Eat dinner outdoors

20. Roast marshmallows

21. Play a sport together

22. Go swimming

23. Go crabbing

24. Have a go at geo-caching

25. Go bowling



26. Make tie-dye t-shirts

27. Fly a kite

28. Go for a family walk (take the dog if you have one!)

29. Make ice lollies

30. Make slime

31. Go to the park

32. Make milkshakes

33. Watch the sunset

34. Go to a trampoline park

35. Play a round of crazy golf

36. Have a spa day at home

37. Have a pyjama day

38. Go strawberry picking

39. Have a photography competition – set a subject and the person who takes the best photo wins!

40. Make jewellery

41. See a show

42. Watch a movie from your childhood

43. Make pizzas

44. Go to the zoo

45. Make a stop-go animation

46. Put a photo album together

47. Make a summer playlist

48. Go out to a restaurant

49. Go to the library

50. Have a craft day

I hope you found this list of 50 summer memories helpful, have a great summer and don’t forget to print your free copy!


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