10 Things To Consider When Planning A Bathroom Renovation

Planning a bathroom renovation can be lots of fun, but it’s very easy to become overwhelmed by it. These 10 tips will help to make the process easier

  1. Choose a style and stick to it. Do you want it to feel like a spa or a chic hotel bathroom? Maybe you prefer the minimalist look. Whatever your style, choose fixtures and fittings that will compliment it.
  2. Add warmth. Nothing is nicer than stepping out of the bath or shower and wrapping yourself in a warm towel that’s been hung over a towel rail or radiator. If you don’t want to use valuable wall space for either of those, under-floor heating might be a better option.
  3. Light it up. Bathroom lighting can be terrible if not done properly. Choose good lighting that won’t throw up too many shadows, but don’t make it so bright that you need sunglasses.
  4. Consider the needs of everybody who is going to use the room. Do you need an accessible bath? Would a separate bath and shower be better? Make the room as functional as possible.
  5. Use the space wisely. A separate bath and shower may be lovely but if you’re going to have to squeeze around the toilet and sink to get to them then maybe it would be better to opt for a bath with a shower above it.
  6. Add appropriate storage. A bathroom cabinet or some shelving will be essential for storing all the bottles and containers that live in a bathroom.
  7. Don’t forget to put a mirror in. Big mirrors are better for applying makeup but a shaving mirror can be handy for men.
  8. Think about flooring. Do you want tiles or wooden flooring? Laminate or lino? The only type of flooring that shouldn’t be in a bathroom is carpet.
  9. Use accessories to add colour. If you have a neutral colour scheme on the walls and floor add a pop of colour with bright towels and accessories.
  10. Think about how usable the items you choose will be. There are some really cool sinks available, but will you actually be able to use them without water spilling everywhere? The shower screen might be funky but is it easy to clean? The rainfall shower is super luxurious but no good if you want a shower without washing your hair.

There are so many great bathroom designs, so you can do lots of research to help you choose your style. My Pinterest board has lots of ideas so why not check it out?

Disclosure; This post was written in collaboration with Premier Care In Bathing

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