9 Amazing City Breaks

The Top 9 Cities I Would Love To Visit

After our recent visit to Cambridge, it got me thinking about other cities that I would absolutely love to visit. I think city breaks are great for getting a sample of the lifestyle and culture of a country and also for a quick recharge of the batteries during the year.

At the top of my wishlist would be Barcelona. I have wanted to go there for years! I really want to see La Sagrada Familia and take a stroll through Parc de la Ciutadella. In the evening we can wander down Las Ramblas and get some food whilst people watching. As it’s only a two hour flight I think it makes a great destination for a city break. Since writing this post I was surprised with a trip to Barcelona as my Christmas present from Mark. It was a beautiful city and absolutely lived up to my expectations (despite the freezing weather!), you can read about our trip here.


Looking down a street in Barcelona. There are vehicles parked on both sides of the street. A thin central reservation runs between the two sides of the road and has palm trees and street lights along it. The buildings have high arches on the ground floor and balconies higher up with plants growing on them.


Next would be Budapest. I want to take an evening boat ride down the Danube and have dinner whilst admiring all the stunning architecture. A Must Do would be to see the Shoes By The Danube, a tribute to all those who lost their lives in the Holocaust. Another Must Do would be to go to the thermal baths – they look so inviting!


A view of the Danube river. A small boat is floating past a grand palace.


Hopping across the pond, New York is another destination that has been on my city breaks wishlist for years. I would love to see The Statue of Liberty, The Empire State Buiilding, Times Square, Madison Square Gardens and Central Park. If we had time I would go and see a show on Broadway, visit the Guggenheim and go to the Natural History Museum. Of course there would also be some time for shopping – you can’t go to New York and not hit the shops.


A view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the New York skyline lit up at dusk.


There are two cities that I have been to but most definitely want to return to. The first is Paris. We haven’t been to Paris for years and I have such wonderful memories of our previous trips there. I really want to take the children to see the Eiffel Tower. We would do a river tour down the Seine and climb the steps to Montmartre before going round to the Artist’s Square for coffee and a treat from the patisserie.


Looking down onto the streets of Paris during a city break. There are stripy awnings extending from the buildings and an entrance to the Metro. The tall buildings have thin balconies and are quite close together.


The second city is Rome. I was very lucky to be able to visit Rome with my job, but Mark and the children have never been. We would go to the Colosseum, The Pantheon, The Forum, Circus Maximus and the Vatican. Last time I was there I threw a coin into the beautiful Trevi Fountain and legend has it that if you throw a coin into the fountain one day you will return, so I know I’ll get back there one day. If you love history then Rome is the perfect city break destination.


The Forum in Rome with it's tall columns and Roman ruins. In the distance Roman buildings can be seen.


Having never been to Scotland, Edinburgh is a city that makes it on to my list. I want to see Edinburgh Castle, Holyroodhouse and Arthur’s Seat. As well as the Royal Mile and the Botanical Gardens.


A small lane with steps going down between buildings and a black handrail between the steps. A castle sits on the hill above the buildings.


After visiting Cambridge, I would quite like to see Oxford too. I’d like to see the university buildings as I am in awe of the amazing architecture. When I was very small my uncle was the Curator of The Cotswold Wildlife Park and I have some vague memories of going there, so I would like to go back and see what it looks like now. Seeing as we did punting in Cambridge, I feel that we should do it in Oxford too, it is a rather lovely way to spend an hour! Lastly, a city break to Oxford would not be complete without going to Alice’s Shop. I am a huge fan of the Alice In Wonderland books so this would be a definite Must Do for me.


Looking down into the grounds of one of the Oxford universities. The buildings are set out in a grid pattern with large grass areas between them. Tall spires from the buildings reach up into the sky.


Another city I would like to return to is Bruges. We spent a lovely day there on our cruise, but I feel like there is so much we didn’t see or do. I would definitely take a boat ride and have a tour round the brewery, as well as spending more time in Burg Square.


A canal in Bruges with a few boats on it. Buildings line both sides of the canal and trees overhang the water in the distance.


The final city on my list is Prague. I would like to people watch from Stare Miasto, see the St Vitus Cathedral and take an evening boat ride to see Charles Bridge all lit up. (I have a weird love of bridges – I’m terrified of walking over them, but love looking at them!)


Looking down the river in Prague. 4 bridges with large arches span the river. There are buildings and trees on both sides of the river and hills can be seen in the distance.


So there you have it! That is my city breaks wishlist, I will never complete the list because as soon as I’ve seen one city I’ll add another to the list!

Where would be top of your city breaks wishlist to visit?


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Standing at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower looking up through the trees.


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