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Visiting An Eco Salon

Let me start by saying I’m no beauty blogger.  My 14 year old has better make up skills than I will ever have! I do however love make-up and looking after my skin as it helps me to feel good – especially on a day when my fibromyalgia is doing its worst.

Recently I was invited to visit Mimosa Beauty in Chelmsford for their open evening. I went along with Jodi, my best friend, and we enjoyed an hour or so looking around the beautiful salon and learning about what they offered in the way of treatments. Before leaving we both booked Bespoke Luxury Facial Treatments (£66 1hr). The treatments are carried out by Jennie, the salon owner, and she’s so popular that the earliest Saturday appointments we could get were two months away!

Mimosa Beauty are 100% eco friendly, from the way they wash the towels, to the products they use. Jennie is dedicated to finding and using the best natural products that she can.

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As you arrive at the salon you step into a calm and serene reception area. There is gentle music playing and the therapists talk in hushed tones. It is decorated in neutral tones and there are little touches wherever you look, with important information such as the wifi code – I wish more places shared this – displayed in a little frame, rather than just blu-tacked to the wall.

We were each given a questionnaire about our health to fill in and we’re handed a personalised envelope each. The envelopes contained a message from Jennie about how much she wanted us to enjoy our time here and that she welcomed any feedback good or bad. There was also a price list and a little sample of a cleansing lotion.

Before my facial started Jennie came out and went through my answers to the questionnaire with me. I was then shown in to the treatment room that was lit with gentle lighting and had soft music playing, I instantly started to relax.

Jennie looked at my skin under a bright light and then used a purple light to look at it further. She handed me a mirror so I could see what she was talking about. Oh my days, my skin looked awful! Jennie explained that my skin was very dehydrated, she explained that it couldn’t just be fixed by drinking lots of water (although that does help) but that I needed to be using a good quality moisturiser too.

To start getting my skin looking better Jennie felt that microdermabrasion would be best. It felt like having a little vacuum run over my face and didn’t hurt at all. The purpose of this was to remove the top layer of skin, so that it would remove many of the impurities and allow the skin to receive the cleansers and moisturisers better.

Next came some extractions. I’m not going to lie, this did hurt a bit. It wasn’t awful pain, just enough to make my eyes water, but it didn’t last long and it was a necessary step.

Photo courtesy of Mimosa Beauty Photo courtesy of Mimosa Beauty

Jennie applied a thick moisturiser that felt amazing! She placed a warm towel over my eyes and then massaged my arms and shoulders, I was in heaven!

We talked about a skin routine and various bad habits that I needed to stop. Jennie tells it like it is, if you’re doing something wrong she tells you. I really appreciate this because as I said earlier I’m not very good with all things concerning beauty, so I like to know what I’m doing right or wrong.

Jennie also gave me lots of advice about my fibromyalgia and holistic therapies that might help me. Again I found this really helpful as I try to avoid medication as much as possible.

My skin felt amazing afterwards and I felt more relaxed than I had done in days. I left with lots of tips for how to look after my skin and ways to relax.

If you’re looking for that spa feeling but only have an hour or two to spare, this is the place for you.

This isnt a sponsored post, I simply wanted to share my thoughts on a really lovely local business.

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