A Luxurious Fresh New Look For The Master Bathroom

When we first looked round this house we could both see how much potential it held which is one of the main reasons why we fell in love with it. One of the rooms we were certain could be improved was the master bathroom. We knew that with a fresh new look it would be bright, modern and luxurious. 

We went through a lot of design ideas before we settled on the final layout, I'm not going to lie, it got very frustrating. To get to the design that we both loved we printed out lots of scale drawings of the room and then drew the bathroom furniture on to see how it would look. 

The bathroom before we moved in.

The bathroom before we moved in.

To give the room some extra space we incorporated a 'dead' area of the landing into the room by moving the walls and entrance to our bedroom. Another way we saved space was to use a pocket door, but in order to fit it we had to demolish the old breeze block walls and start again with a stud frame. Knocking down those walls and carrying it all out of the house was exhausting, it took 3 of us (Mark, Abby and Me) two days to completely gut the room. 

New walls going in 

New walls going in 

The next job was to have the new walls built and have an existing window bricked up. Once the walls were in place Mark got to work with the plumbing. He's not a plumber but as it was all fairly straightforward he decided to save some money and do it himself and he did a great job!

My main priority for the room was to have it as functional as possible whilst still feeling like it had plenty of space, so I chose large marble effect tiles for the walls as they gave the illusion of space and the marble adds a touch of luxury. For the flooring I wanted to go for something a bit different to the Amtico that we had laid in the kids' bathroom. To keep with the feeling of luxury I chose a small patterned tile. I wasn't sure if Mark would like it but when we put it next to the marble tiles it looked absolutely perfect. Storage is always a priority in this house so we chose a bathroom sink that had a vanity unit underneath it and a mirror that has a cabinet behind it. 


We chose a rainfall shower because we really liked the one in our hotel room in Hawaii. However, I was worried about the days when I didn't want to wash my hair and there's no escaping getting your hair wet under a rainfall shower, so we had a regular wand fitted too. As usual Mark had to get a gadget in the room (the boy loves his tech!) and he chose a bluetooth shower system which means he can switch it on and have the water warmed up before he gets out of bed in the morning!!


We need to add a few finishing touches but we are so pleased with how the room has turned out, it is exactly the look we were hoping for, I hope you like it as much as we do!

Sam x