A Luxurious Room To Relax And Unwind In

A bathroom should feel luxurious, it should make you feel relaxed and help you to unwind as you soak away the day’s troubles. The family bathroom definitely didn’t have that vibe when we moved in. The blue and pink tiles, yellow walls and old laminate flooring were really not to our taste. The lighting was one small light in the centre of the room and there was next to no storage. It had to change.

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One of the first jobs we had tackle was a full re-wire of the house and we took this opportunity to replace the main light in the bathroom with spotlights. This meant that the ceiling needed replastering and in order to do that we had to remove a few rows of tiles from around the room, which then meant that we needed to re-tile.

We played around with the layout of the room alot, as ideally we would have preferred a separate bath and shower, but the room wasn’t big enough. We decided to stick with the original layout but give it that modern touch. If you’re not sure what layout would be best for your room you could get in touch with a bathroom company and they will help you with the design.

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The old enamel bath was huge! It took forever and cost a fortune to fill up so we weren’t too keen on keeping it. The previous home owner had built some boxing and had fixed it to one end of the bath and when we removed it we discovered that the bath was damaged in a few places. This sealed the bath’s fate and it had to go, but oh boy did it put up a fight! It weighed so much that we couldn’t lift it over some poorly laid pipes and in the end the only way we could get it out was to take a sledgehammer to it.

It was really important to us to incorporate some good storage into the bathroom, but with little space to spare we had to be sensible with what we chose. We decided to change the old pedestal sink for a vanity unit that came with two large drawers underneath it.

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As this room is primarily for the kids we wanted it to be kid friendly, but to have a grown up feel to it so we opted for calming colours and muted tones. We are a family of gadget lovers and the kids regularly take their iPads or phones in the bathroom to listen to music while they are in the bath or shower. Obviously this isn’t good for their tech and we came up with a cool way to prevent this from happening – a bathroom cabinet with speakers in it. The kids can bluetooth their music to it and have it blaring out while they are in the shower. The cabinet also has sensor lights around it, so they can wave their hand underneath and it will light up – the lights are also great for putting on makeup, so the teen is very happy.

The other gadget we added to the room was a valve that can be preset so that the bath fills up to our required level and temperature without us having to stand there and supervise it. The valve can also be used to switch the shower on and have it warm up before you step under the water – this is one of my favourite features of the room!

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We opted for Karndean flooring as it is easy to maintain and keep clean. It looks great but the only thing we don’t like about it is that it is very slippery and both kids have slipped over when walking on it in socks.

To give the room some ‘finishing touches’ we built a cubby into the boxing around the stack pipe and had it lit from above. I need to find something to go in there but I can’t decide what at the moment. We added a chrome towel rail and towel hooks that were similar to the tap and we finished the room with a heated towel rail.

It’s gone from being an uncomfortable and out of date room, to feeling luxurious and spa like. It’s the perfect place to relax and unwind now.

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Bathing Solutions


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