A Modern Update At McDonalds

I love a McDonalds – especially a Sausage and Egg McMuffin with a cup of coffee for breakfast – so when the lovely people at MaccyDs invited me to visit their Rayleigh branch there was no way I was turning that opportunity down!

There are so many changes to McDonalds restaurants, it’s most definitely a case of ‘out with the old and in with the new!’

The first big change is the evolution of the way you can order your food. McDonalds restaurants have introduced touch screen, self-service kiosks where you can order your meal and even customise your burger (I never knew you could do this!), if you don’t like gherkins – no problem, simply remove them from your order! Fancy a Toffee Latte? Yep that’s an option too!

Once you have placed your order at the kiosk you can choose to collect it from the counter or have it delivered to your table. I think this is a great idea for several reasons: It’s so handy for parents with little ones that they don’t want to leave on their own while they go to the counter. It’s great for the disabled or those with chronic illnesses who find standing for long periods hard work, or cannot lift the weight of the tray on their own and it’s nice to be able to just continue on your conversation with your friends/family rather than somebody having to miss out whilst they are collecting the order. The other thing I love about the kiosks is that I don’t feel rushed to place my order, like I do up at the counter, meaning I might try something new as I’m not embarrassed to ask questions about it and hold up the queue. (Fear not traditionalists, you can still bypass the kiosks completely and order as normal at the counter!)

The new McDonalds self-service kiosk with Pete, the owner of McDonalds Rayleigh and several other branches in Essex.

The new McDonalds self-service kiosk with Pete, the owner of McDonalds Rayleigh and several other branches in Essex.

Another change in the McDonalds restaurants is the entertainment for children. Gone are the majority of the old play areas that were synonymous with McDonalds and now there are Tablets on the tables for the public to use. USB sockets are available for charging the all-important tech and free wi-fi is available.

McDonalds is working really hard to reduce its impact on the environment. They are introducing recycling stations and hope to have them installed in all restaurants by 2018. They are reducing the amount of waste produced and even recycle their used oil by turning into bio-diesel, with an aim of nothing going to landfill within the next few years. 

As part of my tour, I was invited to go ‘behind the scenes’ and see how the kitchen works (I was so excited for this part!). The kitchens are streamlined so that each order is cooked from fresh and no food is sat under heat lamps any more. Do you remember the days when you could see all the burgers wrapped and in the cabinet behind the counter? That’s definitely a thing of the past! I got to have a go at making my own Big Mac and to see if I could make it within 40 seconds like the chefs normally do, you have to be quicker than you think but it was fun to have a go!

I got my very own McDonalds uniform to keep! 

I got my very own McDonalds uniform to keep! 

Personally, I really liked all of the new changes at McDonalds. It felt fresh, modern and in touch with the world we live in. Not all stores have the new kiosks yet, but don’t despair, they should be fully rolled out in all stores by 2018.

Disclaimer: Please note that even though I was compensated for this post by McDonalds for writing a review, my love of the Sausage and Egg McMuffin and the Big Mac has been strong for years and my opinions are entirely my own. Thanks for reading! 



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