A Weekend On The South Coast

I love a weekend away, I think it’s so good for the mind and soul to have some time out of our usual routines to relax and explore a new area. Mark and I recently spent a weekend on the South Coast, exploring Poole and Sandbanks in Dorset, as well as driving through the New Forest and stopping to see the huge sequoias. As much as we love travelling with the kids this was an adults only trip with our friends to celebrate all of our birthdays.

We stayed at a cute AirBnB in Poole – if you’ve not used AirBnB before you should definitely give it a try as it makes travel so much more affordable. We had a two bedroom house right in the centre of Poole and just a two minute walk from the coast.

The coastline at Poole on the South Coast of England, there are lots of small fishing boats along a jetty. The sky is blue and there is a sandy beach

Saturday consisted of pretty much nothing more than eating and drinking! We had lunch in a lovely little bistro that we ducked into just as the heavens opened, by the time we had finished the sun was out again so we had a walk along the coast towards Bournemouth. There’s something so lovely about breathing in the sea air isn’t there? It’s like it’s got something in it that instantly relaxes you and makes you feel slightly sleepy. We ended our walk with a few cocktails before getting ready for our meal at a local Italian restaurant called Algheros. The food was absolutely delicious and we were all suitably stuffed by the time we left.

The weather was so much better on Sunday and we woke to blue skies and warm sunshine. We grabbed a quick coffee in a little independent coffee shop that was super cool (I wish I had taken a picture, but there were too many people in there to get a good one) and then we drove over to Sandbanks, where we had brunch at a beachside cafe. After breakfast we had a stroll along the beach and then sat in the sun watching the boats coming and going.

Tall sequoia trees with long thin trunks and branches at the very top

All too soon it was time to start heading towards home so we said goodbye to our friends and hit the road. On our journey down to Poole we had skirted the edge of the New Forest and it brought back many fond memories of a summer holiday there when I was a child, so we decided to drive through the forest and enjoy the views. We had planned to stop in Burley but it was packed and we couldn’t get parked so we carried on to the Ornamental Drive. The road suddenly deposits you in the middle of the most amazing forest of sequoias, I know they aren’t as grand as the ones in America, but these were pretty impressive. It was absolutely stunning and I wish we had had more time to enjoy the area. Sadly we were too early in the year to see the rhoddendrons in bloom but I’m fairly sure we’ll be adding the New Forest to our list of places to revisit.

It was such a lovely weekend and although I missed the kids, it was so good to spend time as a couple and hang out with our friends without any of the kids interrupting our conversations!

The South Coast is absolutely beautiful and I know we barely scratched the surface, I’d love to hear your recommendations of where to visit?

Sam xx

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A photograph of the sea with some rocks in the foreground and and a boat on the horizon


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