Aim Higher – Month Three of My Happiness Project

I am so behind with writing up my goals for June and even though it has taken me half the month to get these posted, I have been working on them since the beginning of June.

Gretchen Rubin used month three of her Happiness Project to start a blog, now I don’t need to do that (obvs!) but I do need to put in a lot of work on it, so I’m going to use this month to focus on my blog and to get it where I want it to be.

With this in mind, my goals for the month are:

  • Focus On My Blog
  • Enjoy The Fun Of Failure
  • Ask For Help
  • Work Smart
  • Enjoy Now

The goals this month really excite me and I’m excited to put time and focus into the blog and spend time working on something I love so much. 


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