Bathroom Makeover Part 1

The family bathroom has been barely usable since we moved in a year ago. The shower didn’t work very well, so the kids refused to use it and instead we’ve all been sharing our tiny en-suite.¬†The room ended up being used as somewhere for the kids to brush their teeth and as a place for the laundry basket to live.

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Originally we wanted to have a separate bath and shower but the room wasn’t big enough, so we had to compromise and have a shower over the bath. We tried all sorts of ideas for configuring the room, but in the end we decided to stick with the original layout.

The first task was to remove all the old blue and floral tiles. I was in a really bad mood the day I took all the tiles off and it was honestly the best therapy ever! Once all the tiles were off we took out the sink and the toilet, but the bath was a bit of problem. It weighed so much that it couldn’t be lifted out of the room, in the end our builder took a sledgehammer to it and smashed it into small pieces that we were able to carry out.

Removing The Tiles, Home Renovation, Bathroom Makeover

We visited a few D.I.Y stores but knew that we wanted something a bit more bespoke, so we spent some time visiting bathroom specialists. In the end we settled with a company called Tec-Lifestyle. We were able to choose from different ranges which was perfect for us as we liked a bath from one range and a sink from another. They also helped us with choosing the flooring and tiles. For me it was perfect to order everything from one source as I could see whether colour tones would go together and which fixings would look best. It was an expensive afternoon by the time we had finished ordering everything!

Before we could get started we needed our plasterer to come in and smooth out the wall for the shower and under the window. Also, the stack pipe is in a slightly awkward place so we have opted to have it boxed in with a recessed area for a shelf.

Bathroom, Renovation, Interiors, Home Renovation 

It’s now at the stage where the flooring has been laid and the tiling is due to start soon, then it will be time to put the toilet and sink in place and add the finishing touches.

Come back soon to see the finished room.


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