Desperately Seeking Some Style!

As the months countdown to my 40th birthday I’ve noticed that I’m focusing a lot on myself and changing things that I’m not happy with. I’ve changed my eating habits by cutting out meat and becoming vegetarian and I’m doing my best to cut out sugar too. I’ve also started practising yoga on a regular basis, something that I’ve discovered I absolutely love. But one area that I’m struggling with massively is my style – I haven’t got any and I want some! My wardrobe needs a massive overhaul and I need a full on makeover, but I don’t know where to start. I wish there was a one stop shop where I could go and pick a box of style off the shelf, take it home and boom suddenly look fantastic!

I literally don’t know where to start with this but I know that it is key to making me feel happier about myself. If I was to show you my wardrobe you would struggle to find any colour in it, I tend to go for black, grey and white, with the odd bit of pink or navy. I like bolder colours but I don’t know how to style them to pull them off and make them look good on me. The other issue that I think holds me back is that I am always cold so I tend to only buy hoodies or jumpers because I know they’re going to keep me warm and then I always feel that I look a bit shabby when I go out.

I have Pinterest boards full of pictures of outfits that I like, but I can never find them in the shops to buy them so I just give up and go home. I need to be able to buy a full outfit from a picture because, when I’m out shopping, I am incapable of putting items together to make a great outfit and I’m hopeless at accessorising so I tend to stick to the same jewellery items for all outfits. Shopping is my worst nightmare because I end up buying a total mish mash of stuff that doesn’t go with anything else and I cannot rummage for love nor money! I only last about five minutes in TK Maxx before I have to leave because I find it overwhelming – that’s weird right? Don’t get me wrong, I love shopping, I’m just hopeless at it.


A smiling lady, with long blonde hair, wearing sleeveless black top and flared black skirt, with bare arms and legs and black stilletto court shoes. She is standing on a dark decking with a red brick wall behind her and plants to the left of her.


Hair and make-up are my other big problem. My hair is so long and I don’t have the skills to do anything with it, I’ve watched hundreds of YouTube hair tutorials but I am incapable of making my hair go into the same style. I’m thinking about cutting it a bit, but not taking off a huge amount because I really don’t suit short hair at all. As for make-up, I don’t have the right products to be able to achieve a good look. I have some beautiful new brushes that the kids gave me for Mother’s Day but nothing to use them with. I need foundation, highlighter (it’s ok to wear highlighter at 40 right?), eyeshadows, concealer, the lot. I recently bought a new foundation, in duty free at the airport,from Bare Minerals but I hate it! Do you remember that story of the Emperor’s New Clothes and how the people tricked him into thinking he looked amazing even though he was naked? Well that’s how this foundation makes me feel – it gives me zero coverage no matter how much I put on and buff it up and I end up feeling even more crappy than when I started!

I know that there are certain styles that I like more than others, I think I’m more Charlotte from Sex and The City, than Carrie Bradshaw, but equally I’m not ready to be too sensible. I know I’m turning 40 soon but I definitely don’t feel it inside and I don’t want to look frumpy. I want to look trendy but without looking like I’ve borrowed my teenager’s clothes – is that possible? I really like what I’m wearing in the photo above, but it’s all black and my hair looks a mess, plus it’s not practical for an everyday look and that is what I’m struggling to find.

So I need advice – who do you turn to for inspiration/style advice? Do you have any make-up recommendations for me? Where do I start?

I’m off to Pin more outfits!

Sam xx



  1. March 13, 2018 / 9:29 pm

    I’m no help at all – I’ve never had any style! It gets harder as you get older though, I must agree. I think you always look beautiful, but only you know if you are not happy with your look. I know what you mean about jumpers too, I’m the same, and with leggins too. Perhaps we should just stay home in our PJ’s?!

    • memoriesandmayhemblog
      March 14, 2018 / 1:35 pm

      You’re too kind! Thank you hun! It’s definitely harder as you get older isn’t it? I’m up for spending my days in my PJs lol xx

  2. Kelly
    March 13, 2018 / 1:50 pm

    You are beautiful inside and out! You always look lovely when I see you & we are allowed to be scruffy sometimes too!
    If you really want a make-over, Lisa @ Gorgeous & Go in Toniand Guy in Chelmsford is an amazing make-up artist who also offers lessons and would happily advise you on products. She’s fab, look her up! And let me know if you fancy a shopping trip! Xx

    • memoriesandmayhemblog
      March 14, 2018 / 1:32 pm

      Aww thank you hun! Thanks for the makeover tip, I will look into that. I’d love to go shopping with you as you always look gorgeous and are someone who I think has tons of style xx

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