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I decided to keep this one of Gretchen Rubin’s goals from her Happiness Project because it struck a chord with me, I really do need to exercise better. At the moment my daily exercise consists of walking Chester and being on my feet a lot at work, better than nothing but not great. The problem is, I hate exercising – even the word exercise makes me want to go and hide under the duvet – so to find a way (or ways) to exercise better really interests me. 

I’m not a gym person. I’ve tried so many times to go to they gym regularly but it intimidates me and to be totally truthful it bores me a bit too. I feel like an uncoordinated idiot using the equipment in the gym and the chronic pain caused by the fibromyalgia means that after 20 minutes all I want to do is lie on the floor and cry! I don’t mind the running machines, but they are oh-so-boring! I much prefer going to classes such as Boxercise or Body Pump but again these are too much for the fibromyalgia due to all of the bouncing around. In the past I have tried Yoga and I absolutely loved it, there are certain poses that I am unable to do such as Down Dog as the position causes my migraines to get a lot worse, but this is definitely an option that I am going to look into further. It will all depend on the timing of the classes (and the cost), but if I can get an evening class on a Friday or during the weekend that could be do-able as Mark’s job means that he is often home late or away overnight, so attending a mid-week course is not always viable.

I also have a fitness DVD that I have purchased, but I have yet to open it! A few days after it arrived we had the plasterers in working on the house and there was no room to do anything, let alone exercise! Then no sooner had they gone than I came down with a throat infection that pretty much wiped out my energy levels for two weeks. I was getting up, going to work, then coming home and more or less going straight to bed. The purpose of the DVD is not to help me lose weight (I am ridiculously skinny, always have been and probably always will be), but it is to help me tone up my stomach and abdominal muscles. Now I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes while you read this as I have just told you that I’m skinny, but I do have a little bit of a belly that makes me unhappy and I would like to tone it up before our summer holiday this year. The other benefit to toning up my abdominal muscles is that it will hopefully help relieve some of the pain in my back and shoulders. By strengthening my core it will help with my posture, which will help pull my back into place and use my back, neck and shoulder muscles properly.

The last exercise option I am considering is swimming. I love to swim, but I am very short sighted and swimming means that I have to remove my contact lenses, which means I can’t see very well, which makes me very self-conscious and I hate swimming with my glasses on because they get splashes on them. Maybe I need to put one of my Commandments into place and just ‘let it go’, but I think I need to build up a bit of confidence first. I would like to swim with a companion as it will push me to go, rather than let somebody down by backing out at the last minute, but if I take the children it will just turn into a fun session of messing around and if I go with Mark we have to take the kids as there’s nobody to look after them!

I think Exercise Better is going to be my biggest hurdle of month one of my Happiness Project, but I’m feeling enthusiastic and I’m looking forward to finding a form of exercise that suits me.

If you have any recommendations to help me exercise better please leave me a message in the comments section below.

Sam xx



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