Extension | Weeks 3-5

The extension is going up so much faster than I thought it would. Having watched numerous episodes of Grand Designs I was expecting months of digging, piles of mud and not a lot else going on! I know it’s only an extension and we’re not building a new house, but it’s all moving so fast and so far there has been very really little mud!

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Once the footings were dug and set, the drains were moved and Building Control signed the changes off nice and quickly. Next came the walls, it was only a matter of days before the walls were in place and the rooms started to take shape. I knew this was going to be a big extension, but I hadn’t quite realised how big until the walls were up. Temporary wooden structures have been put in the places where the windows and doors are going, this has really helped to see the area as actual rooms rather than just one large roofless space.

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Unfortunately the weather went against us a little bit and there were a few days where the builders couldn’t do much due to the rain, but they made up for lost time and were soon back on schedule.

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This week has seen the roof structures start to go up. We are having two large glass roofs, so they need lots of support to take the weight of them. The first steel beam was also put in along the back wall.

The countdown to Christmas has well and truly begun. We know that the extension won’t be complete before the end of January, but the builders are hopeful that it will be watertight by Christmas. We’ve just got to hope that the weather continues to be kind for us for another couple of weeks!


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