Going Back To Basics | My Happiness Project

With all the craziness going on in the house, working full time, being a parent – oh and setting up our own business – I lost my blogging mojo for a while and the thought of writing anything exhausted me. I am aware that due to this I have not updated my Happiness Project for ages. As I am currently unwell, wrapped in a blanket and under strict instructions to rest, I thought I would use this time wisely and get the words flowing again.

I knew January was going to be a tough month for me in terms of happiness, I always struggle with that time after Christmas, once the twinkly lights have come down and the cosiness has gone. This year added reasons to be stressed out too. January 3rd saw work resume on the renovations, the kitchen was emptied of everything and the walls were knocked down. It was exciting, messy and frustrating. I had no worktops to prepare food on, a sink balanced between the washing machine and dishwasher and dust literally everywhere. I did not need the added pressures of trying to complete various tasks for my Happiness Project, so I went right back to the beginning and repeated my first month’s tasks.

I concentrated on going to bed early, putting away 5 items each day and reading more. I’m not going to lie, it was a tough month and I did cry a few times. Due to the kitchen being spread between the lounge and den there was nowhere to move, you couldn’t stretch your legs in the lounge as there were boxes and the dog crate in front of the sofa. A make-shift kitchen consisting of a kettle and toaster was set up in one corner of the lounge and the house was freezing. I was regularly wearing four layers of clothing and I sported a lovely bobble hat for several days!

Despite everything, my happiness levels didn’t dip as much as I thought they would. Yes I had a couple of meltdowns, but on the whole I spent more time laughing than crying. The builders were fantastic and we had a good laugh with them, so much so that we missed them when they left. Watching the house transform was exciting and that made it easier to focus on the good stuff.

February was equally chaotic and I decided that I wasn’t going to set any goals as there was too much to do already. I did use February to start looking ahead and planning things for later in the year. We booked a holiday and a weekend away, both of which are all looking forward to. We also took the plunge and set up our own business, it’s just starting to get going but we’re hoping that it will be successful enough to provide us with an income that will give us a nice (and hopefully early) retirement. 

My happiness levels haven’t really changed, they are still much higher than when I started this project and I honestly believe that something inside me has changed. I have so much to look forward to and so much to be happy about. 

I am going to go back to having goals for March as my project enters its final couple of months. So my goals for March are; 

  • Make Time
  • Forget About Results
  • Master A New Technology

Here’s to another happy month!



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