Good Habits To Have In Life

We often hear people talking about their bad habits and how they need to stop them. But we don’t often hear about the good habits they have and why they’re so important.

In this post I’ll be talking about good habits that everyone should adopt and why and how they will make an impact on your life.

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Good Habits For Being Successful

Everyone wants to be successful in something. Whether it’s as a business woman, a mother, a wife, a member of community, losing weight, writing a book, or anything else that is appropriate to you.

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It doesn’t matter what you want to be successful at, what matters is how you are going to get there. For example, if you want to be successful at keeping a tidy home you’re not going to get there if you never do any housework.

So you need to put some good habits in place that will help you to reach that goal.

There are so many good habits that you can incorporate and they will be different for each person depending on what their goal is. But there are a three good habits that everyone can adopt that will make a change to their lives.

3 Good Habits For Everyone

Good Habit #1: Be Grateful

I talk about being grateful all the time because it so important. No matter how awful you think your life is right now, there is something to be grateful for.

Be grateful for the roof over your head and the food on your table. For your partner or children. Be grateful for your pets or for the sun shining.

You should be grateful for any small thing that made your day a little better. Say thank you for those things. Appreciate them, because I guarantee there is somebody else in the world that would give anything to be able to have your good thing in their life.

It may seem silly at first, but by saying thank you for everything you’ll see more things to be grateful for each day. The more you practice this, and form it into a good habit, the easier you will find it to say thank you.

I write down 3 things that I’m grateful for every day in a gratitude journal. I use the 6 Minute Diary, you can buy a copy here.

If you don’t have a journal you can just write them down on a piece of paper. By writing them down it makes you take time to stop and really think about what you are grateful for today.

Practising gratitude every day will ensure you focus on the positives in your life, not the negatives.

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Good Habit #2 Tell The Universe What You Want

Ok, stick with me here, I might start to sound a little ‘hippie’ but I’ll explain what I mean.

Have you ever really wished for a really special gift for your birthday never received it? I know I have!

Did you tell anyone you want it? I mean really tell them. Not just drop a couple of hints or mention it in one conversation a few months earlier.

I’ve learnt that if you don’t tell people what you want, you are never going to receive it.

The same goes for what you want in life.

If you say out loud what you want to achieve or get then it will come to you. It won’t be like a Fairy Godmother suddenly appears and waves a magic wand, so don’t expect that! But things will start to fall into place that will give you the stepping stones to reach your goal.

For example, your goal is to eat more healthily. So you tell the Universe “I want to eat more healthily”. The following day you might see a tv programme about eating healthily, or read an article in a magazine. From there you might try a new recipe or order a book of healthy recipes to cook at home. On your next trip to the supermarket the health foods catch your eye and you decide to buy some.

The Universe has put into place all the steps you need to reach your healthy eating goal.

I know it sounds a bit kooky, but give it a try and look for the signs the Universe is giving you.

If you want to read more about this subject I thoroughly recommend reading The Secret. You can buy a copy of The Secret from Amazon here.

Good Habit #3 Don’t Give Up

Successful people don’t give up on their goals if they don’t succeed straight away.

Instead, they get up, look at what worked and what didn’t, refine their process and try again.

Let’s go back to the example of wanting to be successful at keeping a tidy house. On the first day you decide that you want to clean your house up and then keep it tidy.

So you set to work cleaning the lounge. You sort through the room, putting items in their correct home and discarding rubbish. After a few hours you look around and survey your work. You’ve made a dent but there is still so much to do and you’re already feeling tired.

You could do one of two things. You could accept that your house is never going to be tidy, sit down and give up. Or you could accept that it’s going to take time to get your house in order and you carry on.

The successful person won’t give up. They may take a long time to get their house tidy, but they will get there. And when they do they will be so proud of themselves that they will smile for days.

It’s not about how many times you get rejected or you fall down or you’re beaten up. It’s about how many times you stand up and are brave and you keep on going.

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If you want to be a successful business woman you have to be prepared for setbacks. Very few people are an instant success. You need to constantly learn new things and try new ways to make your business work.

I can already tell that you want to be successful because you’re reading this. You took the time to find out what good habits you need to take you to the next stage. You want to progress. Now you need to put those good habits into practice and go after your dreams!

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Why Forming Good Habits Is Important For Success

All successful people will tell you that they wouldn’t have got to where they are without good habits. But you may be wondering why good habits are so important.

Good habits make these things happen:

  • They keep you focused on your goal
  • Good habits keep you healthy
  • They give you a clear mind so you can concentrate on the important things
  • Good habits make you accountable for your actions

These are just a few ways that good habits are important for success. You can read more about the good habits successful people have in this post.

Ways To Incorporate Good Habits Into Your Day

Ok. So we’ve talked about some of the good habits that you can add into your day, but how are you going to implement them?

Morning Routine

Start your day right by doing some of your good habits every morning.

My morning routine includes drinking a glass of water, eating a healthy breakfast and filling in my gratitude journal. I also practice yoga at home 3 times a week and walk the dog for an hour every morning to keep me (and him!) healthy.


You need to look after your mind and body and one of the best good habits you can do is practice self-care.

I’ve talked a lot about this and you can read more about self-care here.

Evening Routine

You shouldn’t just start your day right, you should end it mindfully too.

Get into the good habit of having an evening routine. It should allow you to gently wind down so that you can have a restful night’s sleep.

What Will Your Good Habits Be?

Now I’ve shown you why it’s important to have good habits and what some of those habits should be, it’s over to you.

What is your dream and what do you need to do to achieve it? Which good habits are you going to incorporate today?

Let me know in the comments below.


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