It’s Time For The Pantomime In Chelmsford

One of my favourite things about the Christmas season is watching a pantomime. For one reason or another over the past few years we haven’t gone to see a panto, so I was delighted when Abby and I were invited to go and watch the Pantomime in Chelmsford.


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I have seen so many pantomimes over the years. When I was little my Grandad took all of us grandchildren to London, to see the pantomime at the Palladium. It then became a tradition during my childhood to go to the local pantomime with family. When my children came along my Grandparents would take them as their Christmas gift each year. One year Abby performed in panto and I chaperoned backstage. So pantomime has a special place in my heart.


The Pantomime In Chelmsford

The pantomime in Chelmsford this year is Cinderella. As always, Cinders is best friends with Buttons and Prince Charming is best buds with Dandini. In this production the Ugly Stepsisters are called Maureen and Chlorine and of course there’s a Fairy Godmother to cast some magic!


A glass slipper in front of a clock on a blue and red background. The wording says Cinderella. The pantomime in Chelmsford


I found myself belly laughing many times because panto wouldn’t be panto without the cheesy jokes and one-liners that go over the kids’ heads. As well as the bad jokes there was plenty of audience interaction. We found ourselves on our feet a few times to join in with silly dances. The musical numbers were one of my favourite parts of the show. If you enjoyed The Greatest Showman then you will really enjoy the pantomime in Chelmsford.

The show is perfect for all ages, although there are a couple of moments that might frighten small children. Every pantomime needs a villain to boo and hiss at so at one point Chlorine, the Ugly Sister, gets a little shouty. It doesn’t last long, but it may be a little frightening. Zombies join the cast in the second half because you also need the opportunity to shout ‘he’s behind you’. They’re not scary looking but they do come out into the audience and some children were a bit scared. Don’t let this put you off taking your little ones, because it doesn’t last long and the rest of the pantomime is great fun. There’s a lovely surprise at the end of the first act that everyone will love.



The pantomime in Chelmsford is running from now until January 6th at the Civic Theatre. You can purchase tickets from the Box Office. (This is not an affiliate link)

Chelmsford Theatres very kindly gave us two tickets to attend the pantomime. We weren’t asked to write a review, but we enjoyed it so much that we wanted to share it with you. 


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