Kitchen Renovation

The extension was watertight by the time the builders finished for the Christmas break and despite the lack of heating we were still able to use the area over the holidays. The space felt huge even though the back wall was still in place!

During the Christmas holidays Mark took the tiles off of the utility area and I stripped the wall paper in the den in preparation for the doorway to be blocked up. We also discussed where the spotlights and electric sockets would go. The biggest job we had to do was to empty the kitchen of all of its contents. It was the smallest kitchen in the world so you would think that it would have taken a few minutes to move the contents but it took forever. The lounge is piled high with boxes and so is the den. You can’t move for stuff everywhere.

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January 3rd saw the return of our lovely builders (they really are lovely, I will miss them when they’ve finished as they’ve become part of the family!). By 9am they had ripped out the kitchen completely and had started taking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room. The following day they removed the old back wall of the house and I realised how large the new kitchen area is going to be. The dust is ridiculous. It gets absolutely everywhere – even inside the wardrobes upstairs, how is that even possible?!

Over the past week the flooring in the old dining room has been ripped up, the extension has been dry walled and is ready for plastering and channels have been dug in the floor for pipes to the new sink and dishwasher. The den has also been boarded and is waiting to be plastered.

This week the plumber is sorting out all the dodgy pipework in the kitchen. This includes having to move the stopcock and re-routing lots of pipes to make way for the new backdoor. The electrician is also on site and he is putting in all the wiring for the new appliances and lighting. Alongside them, the builders are preparing everywhere for plastering and the doorway between the lounge and old dining room is being blocked up. We were going to have a doorway put in, but we decided that we would rather make the lounge area separate to the new kitchen.

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Living in the renovation is fun and horrendous all at the same time. The kitchen is spread all over the house, the oven and hob are still in situ in the original kitchen, the sink is in a makeshift home in the utility room and everything is prepared on a small table in the lounge. The whole house feels dirty and no matter how often we are cleaning it still feels just as dirty.The dust is ridiculous. It gets absolutely everywhere – even inside the wardrobes upstairs, how is that even possible?! But it is exciting! It’s fun choosing light fixtures and designing a kitchen and I can’t wait for the day when I can walk in my kitchen and make a cup of coffee without having to where my wellies!


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