Home Renovation | Extension, Weeks 1 and 2

We’re two weeks into the extension build and  things are moving so fast! Despite the awful weather and freezing temperatures the builders have been working their socks off.

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The trenches were dug for the foundations and then filled with cement. Next, a second set of trenches were dug, this time to enable drains to be moved. Unfortunately rain stopped play for a day, but the builders made up for lost time the following day. We now have to wait for Building Control to approve the changes to the drains – hopefully this will be done early next week.

The first set of bricks arrived as did the third skip  (that’s six skips so far for the whole renovation).

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We’ve finalised the design of the kitchen and will be ordering it next week. It took us several designs to get it ‘just right’, but I think it’s going to look amazing!

Next week sees the gas getting cut off, but only to the hob fortunately so the heating and hot water won’t be affected. We’ve bought an electric hob to get us through until the new kitchen is fitted, so we’ll still be able to cook.

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