Month One of My Happiness Project

Happy April Fools Day and welcome to Month One of My Happiness Project! (that’s not an April Fool!) Gretchen Rubin very sensibly started her Happiness Project in January, but I have only just discovered her fantastic book and I want to get going straight away.

Rubin’s goals for the first month of her project were;

  • Go To Sleep Earlier
  • Exercise Better
  • Toss, Restore, Organise
  • Tackle A Nagging Task
  • Act More Energetic

These are all things that I need to improve so I’m going to copy Rubin’s goals to get me started.

Having fibromyalgia means that I feel tired 99.9% of the time, hopefully going to bed earlier and acting more energetically will help me to counteract the feeling of tiredness. I also do very little exercise right now, other than walking Chester, so this is going to probably be the hardest of my goals to achieve this month. I don’t need to lose weight, but I would like to tone up and I would like to strengthen my core in the hope that it helps to reduce the pain in my back.

The house is one huge mess right now, trust me living in a renovation project is not fun! We are in the middle of decorating the children’s bedrooms and have moved all of Harry’s room into Abby’s room, the landing and the study. His room will be the first that I target for my Toss, Restore, Organise goal. I also plan to try some of the practices that Marie Kondo shares in her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.

My final goal is to Tackle A Nagging Task. I’m not sure which task that is going to be yet, but I’m certain there’ll be more than a few for me to choose from!

So there’s my goals for this month, I’m really looking forward to getting going with this project and I hope you’ll stick around to see how I get on.

Sam xx


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