My Twelve Commandments

The first thing Gretchen Rubin does in her book The Happiness Project is state her Twelve Commandments. She used these Twelve Commandments to help keep her focused throughout her project. I like the idea of having Twelve Commandments – it’s a bit like a mission statement for your own life. Some of Rubin’s Commandments ring true for me so I have kept them in my list, but I have also added my own Commandments that fit better with me and what I want to achieve.

My Twelve Commandments

  • Be Me
  • Let It Go
  • Act The Way I Want To Feel
  • Do It Now
  • Be Polite and Be Fair
  • Enjoy The Process
  • Spend Out
  • Lighten Up
  • Do What Ought To Be Done
  • Take Time For Me
  • Say No
  • Stand Up For Myself

Rubin’s final Commandment is ‘There Is Only Love’ I completely agree with this, but feel that it needs to be a stand alone motto. It’s such an important statement and it is something that deserves to be remembered every day.

So my Happiness Project motto is There Is Only Love.

Sam xx



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