My 2018 Travel Bucketlist*

As we get ready to say goodbye to 2017, I’ve been looking back at our travels during the year and looking ahead and thinking about where our 2018 Travel Bucketlist might take us. We have been very fortunate to have some fantastic travel experiences this year; we had a weekend in the Cotswolds to celebrate our anniversary, a wonderful trip to Italy where we saw the sights in Venice, Verona, The Dolomites and Lake Garda and we had a brilliant weekend at the Grand Prix. We have a trip to Florida booked for later in the year, but there are so many parts of the world that I want to visit and I can’t help dreaming about a few of the places that are on my Travel Bucketlist.

Mark is heading to Mexico in February for a work trip and I’m so jealous! We travelled to Jamaica for our honeymoon, but we haven’t been back to the Caribbean since and a trip to one of the islands is definitely on my Travel Bucketlist. I think The Bahamas would be my top choice as they have pink beaches, how cool is that! The Bahamas is home to the world’s third largest barrier reef which would be amazing to snorkel around, we all enjoyed the experience of snorkelling at Hanauma Bay in Hawaii so to snorkel at this reef would be out of this world.

Caribbean beach with bright blue sea, boats on the golden sand and hotels and palm trees in the background

I have always wanted to visit Singapore, there’s something about that skyline! We are big Formula 1 fans and had a great time at our first Grand Prix weekend at Silverstone earlier in the year, so what could be better than timing a trip to coincide with the Singapore Grand Prix, my favourite race of the year. Singapore is an Instagrammer’s dream and there are so many stunning sights to see: the Gardens By The Bay, The Orchid Garden and the Night Safari would be my top choices.

High structures with pink outlines, on the ground there are large bushes and in the distance office buildings can be seen. The sky is bright blue with puffy white clouds Photo by Coleen Rivas on Unsplash

The number one, absolute top of my Travel Bucketlist, place to visit would be Chang Mai Thailand. I want to go there so much! I’m a huge Disney fan and my favourite movie is Tangled, in the film Rapunzel goes in search of the lanterns that light up the sky every year on her birthday. Every year in November Chang Mai has its own lantern festival, it looks absolutely magical just like the film. Ever since I found about the festival I have wanted to go and see it. As well as the lantern festival I really want to visit the Elephant Nature Park, home to rescued elephants. The gentle giants are Mark’s favourite animals and I know he would relish the opportunity to see them up close. Thailand is supposed to be a very family friendly destination and it would be great to do a multi-centre trip with a few days in Chang Mai followed by some time relaxing on the beautiful beaches recharging our batteries.

Book Thailand.

A long wooden boat with a canopy floating on the sea, in the background is a large rock that looks like the remainder of a mountain. Photo by Marcin Kaliński on Unsplash

There are so many beautiful places in the world that I want to visit which makes it really hard to narrow my bucketlist down to a sensible list. I don’t what lies ahead but I hope that the New Year brings us plenty of opportunities to discover new places and make millions of memories, whether at home or abroad.

Which destination would be top of your 2018 Travel Bucketlist?

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