My Happiness Project – Month Two Goals

Apologies for not getting this post up sooner, but it has been a very busy month so far! I have been continuing with my goals from month one and I’ve now added a new set of goals for May. This month I am concentrating on my relationship with Mark. Gretchen Rubin spent a month looking closely at her relationship with her husband and what she could change or do better to improve that relationship. Given the difficult year that Mark and I have experienced, I feel like this is a very important aspect of my happiness and Mark’s.

So this month’s goals are;

  • Quit nagging
  • Don’t expect praise or appreciation
  • Fight right
  • No moaning
  • Give proofs of love

It’s not about giving lots of PDAs (I think the kids might leave home if it was!), nor is about buying numerous gifts for each other. It’s about looking at what I can change in behaviour towards Mark that makes our relationship stronger and therefore increases my happiness. It’s about the little things, such as making him a cup of coffee when he’s caught on a long conference call or cooking his favourite dinner. Small displays of affection that mean a lot. So far this month’s goals are going well and it’s easier to hit some of these goals than I thought it would be, let’s see if I’m still saying that in a couple of week’s time!

Sam xx



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