Never Enough Time

I feel like I never have enough time at the moment and my blog is suffering because of that. By the time I’ve finished work, cooked dinner, walked the dog and tidied the house each evening I’m shattered and have no energy left let alone any desire to write. This is frustrating me so much because there are things that I want to write about it, but by the time I find five minutes to get the laptop out I’ve completely forgotten what it was I wanted to write about, or it’s just not relevant anymore.

In order to combat the feeling of being on a permanent treadmill I have started to implement ways to give me back some time. First up I needed to tackle my inbox, I have 6 different email accounts including my work account and I spend a lot of time either reading emails or ignoring messages from various retailers that find it necessary to bombard me with their marketing every single day. Rather than simply delete all of the unwanted messages I took the time to decide whether I really enjoyed reading them or not. If I did enjoy it, I read the email and then deleted it, if I didn’t enjoy reading it I unsubscribed from the mailing list. I got rid of so many companies – some of which I have no recollection of ever signing up to in the first place. It feels so good to look at my inboxes each day and not have to wade through piles of noise in order to find the messages that really interest me, plus I’m not wasting hours reading emails or deleting out of date junk.

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Another hugely time consuming aspect of my day was our evening meal. I used to meal plan on a Sunday then order all of the ingredients to be delivered on a Monday afternoon. This was fine and it was a good way to keep control of the grocery budget but I found that it started to bore me to death. I was rotating the same meals every few weeks and I hated it. I had seen a few companies online that delivered meal boxes and I decided to give Hello Fresh a try. They deliver 4 meals for 4 people for £64 a week and I am so pleased with our subscription! Each meal only takes about 30 minutes to cook, I’m not having to come up with meal ideas each evening and I’m not popping into the grocery store every evening for dinner items. It’s a win-win for me as I’m saving time and money because every time I went shopping I ended up buying loads of extra bits and pieces and would end up spending a lot more than I had intended to. 

Social media uses up a lot of my time in the evening. I can literally waste hours reading junk on Facebook or looking at pretty pictures on Pinterest and Instagram. I needed to find a way to kerb this and manage my social media time better. I have started to put a strategy in place, but it still needs a bit of refining. I only go on Pinterest once a week (unless I’m looking for something specific), I try to limit the amount of time I spend on Facebook and I spend half an hour an evening using Instagram. I have increased the amount of time that I spend on Twitter, but not hugely, I have just been a bit more strategic with my time. I join in with Twitter parties that interest me and fit with my blog and I am joining in with more conversations, which is proving to be very beneficial.

I struggle to keep up with the housework at the moment not only because there’s a lot to do but also because the house is still in such a state of upheaval, so I find myself not wanting to do much. What is the point of dusting and hoovering only for it all to be covered in another layer of plaster dust? I keep the house as clean as I can, but it is so untidy and I hate that, so next on my hit list is how to be more organised with keeping the house straight whilst not using up heaps of time. My other big priority is to find more time to devote to my blog. I’m not too sure how I’m going to do that and fit it in to my day at the moment but I have a few things to try.

How do you stay organised and on top of everything? If you’ve got any tips or ideas for me please share them in the comments below.

Sam xx


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