Older Boys Christmas Gift Guide*

I don’t know about you but I always struggle with what to buy older boys for Christmas, so I’ve put together a Gift Guide with some ideas to help you find the perfect present for the 12/13 year old boys in your life.

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1  IQ Puzzler Pro 2D & 3D Brain Teaser

Every year I try and find some kind of brain teaser puzzle to put in my kids’ stockings. I think puzzles like these are great because they keep the kids entertained on Christmas morning, giving me time to make a cuppa (or open a bottle of Bucks Fizz – it is Christmas after all!). They can also keep kids occupied at the dinner table so that they aren’t trying to rush off as soon as Christmas dinner is finished. As the kids get older I find that they hit a limbo stage where they’re too old for toys but too young for ‘grown up’ gifts and puzzles like this seem to be a great way of bridging the gap between little kid and teenager.

2  Clocky – The Alarm Clock That Runs Away!

I think this has to be one of the most genius ideas I have ever seen! If you have a boy in your life who doesn’t like getting out of bed then this is the clock for you. When the alarm goes off the clock rolls off the table and rolls around the room, changing direction and making beeping noises, meaning that even the sleepiest of kids is going to get annoyed and have to get up to switch off. Like I said, genius!

3 Polaroid 3D Pen With 20 Colour Filament Refills

For the arty and techy boys in your life this is a great gift. It is quick and easy to set up and doesn’t require any special software (always a bonus in my view), you simply start drawing and the pen will build your 3D picture. I think anyone with a creative flair will enjoy this gift and at just under £50 it doesn’t break the bank.

4  Waboba Moon Ball

I must admit that I had never heard of a Moon Ball but my son wanted one as soon as he saw them. They bounce super high and because of the flat edges of the ball it spins off in different directions which adds an extra element of fun. This is a great stocking present idea.

5  Motion Controlled Drone

Drones are The gadget to have right now but they come with a hefty old price tag. This one is a great price and instead of coming with a remote control that can easily be broken, it is controlled by motion. Simply move your hand in the direction you want the drone to fly and off it goes. I think this would make a great gift for the gadget lover.

6  Spud Gun

The good ol’ fashioned spud gun! I know that guns can be a bit contentious so just scroll on past this section if it’s not for you. Spud guns have been around for forever haven’t they, I remember my brothers having them when they were kids – many moons ago. They are a good stocking filler.

7  Instant Table Tennis

How much fun would it be to transform the table after Christmas dinner into a table tennis table?! A family ping pong tournament would be a fun way to spend Christmas afternoon (or any afternoon for that matter!). This would make a great present for the whole family to enjoy.


The lovely team at Wicked Uncle sent Harry a voucher so that he could choose some items from their website to review. He chose the Spud Gun, Instant Table Tennis, Waboba Moon Ball and IQ Puzzler Pro 2D & 3D Brain Teaser.

Assortment of toys, red spud gun, yellow moon ball, IQ puzzle, table tennis set 

We spent ages playing with the IQ Puzzler Pro and only completed a few of the challenges as there were so many. This was my favourite of the items that Harry chose because we worked together to solve the puzzles and while we were doing that it allowed us the opportunity to chat and talk about our day, it was a really nice way to spend time together. The table tennis set is lots of fun and I am sure that will get used on Christmas afternoon when all the aunties and uncles are visiting! I must admit I’m not a fan of the Spud Gun, I don’t feel like it’s worth the money as it can be a bit unreliable as to whether the little ‘bullets’ that come with it fire or not. We haven’t had a chance to take the Waboba Moon Ball outside and really test it out because we had snow – lots of it – but Harry has played with it quite a lot indoors (well as much as I’ll allow a ball to be played with indoors!) and he keeps going back to it, so that makes it a winner in my eyes.

Harry’s Review

The IQ puzzler was lots of fun when I got it. Me and Mum instantly opened it and we tried loads of different puzzles. We finished a few of them and it felt great when we did. My favourite ones were the ones where it made a pyramid as they were very difficult to do but they looked very cool.

The Moon Ball seems to be very bouncy but I haven’t had a chance to use it outside yet because of the snow, but I have used it a few times in my room. The ball will probably be very fun to play with when I can because its so bouncy.

The spud gun has been lots of fun to play with (not for Abby ;)) I have been firing the rubber pellets around my room pretending I’m James Bond or some secret agent. I haven’t tried out the potato or water pistol features yet but I’m looking forward to when I do.

The Table Tennis Set has been great fun. We have all been playing with it. I beat mum and dad in a match with it and they got very annoyed :). It seems like it will be loads of fun on Christmas Day as we are having all our family come to visit so I’ll be able to play with all of them.

If you are stuck for ideas for what to buy the children in your life head over to Wicked Uncle and have a browse of their fab products and if you don’t need to buy anything head over to their Joke Factory and have a giggle!

This post is written in collaboration with Wicked Uncle.

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