Planning A Trip To Hawaii

We are so excited to be travelling to Hawaii later this year and we are busy looking at all of the things we want to do while we are there. It’s a mammoth 19 hours flying time to get from London to Honolulu, so the first few days will be chilling around the resort and getting used to island life (I’ve heard it’s very easy to get used to!).  

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As we are Disney Vacation Club members we are using our points to stay at Aulani, A Disney Resort and Spa. The resort has so much to offer with pools, slides, a lazy river, a snorkelling reef and beach area, as well as a luxurious spa, plus Disney characters and all of the other touches that you come to expect from Disney. I cannot wait to spend time at this resort!

We want to see as much as possible while we are in Hawaii as I’m not sure that it’s somewhere that we’ll ever get back to. We have made a wishlist of things that we would like to do and see, but some excursions are quite pricey so I don’t think everything will be possible. With so many amazing opportunities available to us it is going to be difficult to narrow our choices down.

We all want to visit Pearl Harbour. I love history and this is an iconic part of Hawaii’s history, plus, how could you visit Hawaii and not see Pearl Harbour? Abby really wants to ride horses on the beach, I’m not even sure if this is a possibility but it sounds like lots of fun. We swam with dolphins a few years ago and it was an amazing experience so I’d quite like to go out on one of the boats to see the dolphins in their natural environment. I would have loved to have gone whale watching as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, but sadly it’s not going to be the right time of year to see them.

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Talking of nature, there is so much scenery on Hawaii and it would be great to see some of the stunning waterfalls. As much as I’m terrified of helicopters, I quite like the idea of taking a helicopter tour of the island highlighting the Dole plantation, Waikiki Beach and the Queen Anne’s Revenge from Pirates of the Caribbean. Back at the resort I want to take advantage of all of the watersports that are available. I really fancy learning how to paddleboard and I think it would be great fun to take some kayaks out on the water. Once the sun goes down we want to attend a Luau and experience the traditional Hawaiian dancing. On other nights we will probably just chill out at the resort and watch one of the Movies Under The Stars, or cook marshmallows round the campfire.

I am so excited for this trip to Hawaii and if you have any hints or tips to help me with the planning please leave them in the comments box below.

Sam xx




  1. Purple Pumpkin Blog
    May 13, 2016 / 8:56 am

    This is going to be such an AMAZING holiday! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get home, and to see all the pictures you take xx

    • Samantha Weatherley
      May 13, 2016 / 6:53 pm

      Aww thank you Hun! I’m really starting to get excited now. How long until your trip to WDW? xx

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