Secrets To Adulthood

As well as her Twelve Commandments, Gretchen Rubin also has a list entitled ‘Secrets Of Adulthood’. This is a fun list of things that she’s learnt over the years. As I read through her list I found myself smiling and nodding in agreement to so many of them. I wrote down my own list of Secrets To Adulthood, but I then hesitated about publishing it because I was worried about what my readers would think of me – would they think I was too flippant about things? That I didn’t really care about this project or that my heart wasn’t really in it? Would they think I was trying too hard to be funny? If I’m going to find my happiness I’m going to have stick closely to one of my Twelve Commandments – ‘Be Me’. I came so close to hitting the delete button on this post, but then I thought ‘sod it, it’s my blog and my project, if they don’t like it they simply won’t read any more.’ So on that note, here’s my Secrets To Adulthood;

  • It’s good to challenge yourself
  • Be nice to everyone
  • Embrace every opportunity as you never know where it might lead
  • Take a jumper or hoody
  • Don’t put off until tomorrow what can be done today
  • Nobody has their shit together all of the time
  • Taking time out for yourself is beneficial to everyone around you
  • Jealousy only makes you feel bad
  • Accept help if it’s offered and ask for help if you need it
  • It’s ok to fail
  • Talking about things is better than bottling it up
  • Doing something nice for somebody else will make you feel good
  • Reading can expand your mind and relax your soul
  • Getting outside and getting some fresh air will help raise your spirits

Sam xx



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