Simple Self-Care Strategies For Mums

As a Mum, especially if you have young children or you work too, finding time for yourself can feel almost impossible. But with a few small changes to your day it’s easy to add some of these simple self-care strategies for Mums into your routine.

Why Self-Care Is Important For Mums

The minute a baby (or child if you adopted an older child) comes into your life everything changes. Instinct kicks in and you put this tiny human’s needs ahead of yours.

Your routine suddenly belongs entirely to your off-spring. To begin with it’s dominated by a feeding, changing and sleeping routine. Then attending various playgroups on different days of the week.

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Once your child starts attending school your routine changes again. Now you’re having to remember school trips, packed lunches, assemblies, shows, parent’s evenings, after school playdates. The list goes on and on.

If you then add into the mix the fact that there’s a house to keep clean, dinner to cook, laundry to wash and quite probably a job to attend too, it’s no wonder you feel like you have no time to yourself for some self-care.

Not only that, but you no longer have a name once you become a mother. You’re now called either ‘mum’ or ‘Harry’s Mum’ for example. It’s no wonder you can’t remember what the old you felt like.

But if you made a few small changes to your day, would there be time to spend on yourself? To remind you of the things you loved to do before children. These simple self-care strategies for mums are just what you’re looking for.

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Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Here are a few strategies that you could use in your day that would free up a little bit of time. If you’re smart with how you spend your time, you’ll find that you’re able to fit a lot more in to your day. You could then use this time to do something nice for yourself.

Use this list of simple self-care strategies for mums to make a small difference in your day. I’m certain it will make a big difference in the way you feel.

Areas Where You Can Make Time

When The Children Are Napping

Often when the children are having their nap we run around trying to do all the jobs we can’t do while they’re awake. But instead of doing as many chores as you can, use this time for you. Make a cup of tea, read a magazine or book, have a nap, paint your nails. Even if you only use this time for yourself once a week it will be the pick-me-up you’ve been needing.

While The Children Are Having Their Lunch

Sit down with them and have some lunch too. Even better, make it a healthy lunch. Simple self-care strategies for mums can be as basic as eating something that’s good for you. Not only will you be giving your body some nutrition but you’ll be teaching your children the importance of eating fruit and vegetables. That’s a win/win!

If you’re a working mum use your lunch hour to focus on you. Meet a friend for a quick lunch. Sit in your car and read a book. Have a wander round the shops. Anything activity that isn’t focusing on the other people in your life is good.

Set Your Alarm Clock An Hour Early

If you’re not a morning person you’re going to find this one harder to do. Also, if you have a newborn or a child that doesn’t sleep well, then please skip straight on past this tip. Girl you need to sleep as much as you can!

For everyone else, try getting up an hour earlier than the rest of your family. If that sounds too much start with half an hour earlier. Use that time to focus on yourself and enjoy the peace and quiet of a sleeping household.

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Get Off Your Phone

We all do it. We pick up our phone just for 5 minutes and then an hour later look up. Social media is great and it’s fun to use, but it’s also the biggest drain of time ever. Limit the time you spend on social media to half an hour in the morning and an hour in the evening and you will have tons of extra time.

Get Your Partner Or The Kids Involved

Simple self-care strategies for mums sometimes involve you asking others for help. Ask your partner to take over some of the responsibilities so that you can have some time. For example, they could cook the dinner or do bath time so that you can have half an hour to yourself.

Ask the children to do some age appropriate chores. They could set the table for dinner, make their beds, bring their laundry to the washing machine. Even the tiniest bits of help will take a little pressure off of you and give you back some time for yourself.

By implementing some of these simple self-care strategies for mums, you’ll be able to make time in your day for you.

Don’t Try And Do It All

There’s one last thought I wanted to leave you with. Are you trying to do everything because you think it will make you a better mum? If you are you must stop now because you will burn yourself out. Being a ‘better’ mum isn’t about having the tidiest house or spending every minute of your day tending to your child’s every whim.

“You can do anything, but not everything”

David Allen

It’s so important to remember this!

The best version of you as a mum is the one that shows up happy and ready to spend time with her children. You need to be fully present in the moment with them so that they know they have your full attention.

You can’t be that happy person if you’re stressed out, fed-up and tired. So make that time in your routine for you. Allow yourself to relax and refresh and find yourself again.

Tell me in the comments below which of these simple self-care strategies for mums you’re going to use.

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