Saying Thank You This Father’s Day

I always knew that Mark would be a great father. When I first met him his niece was only a few months old and he doted on her, I remember him going from shop to shop trying to get her all of the Teletubbies for her Christmas present as she was mad about them. When she came to visit he would get down on the floor with her and play games with her and his face would light up when she smiled. He was (and still is) so proud to be an uncle!

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A few years later our first child arrived. We had debated her name for months and on the day of her arrival we were down to a few names but we couldn’t decide, so we agreed that if it was a boy I would choose the name and if it was a girl Mark would choose. Abby arrived a few hours later and Mark gave her a name that has the meaning ‘father’s pride.’ It couldn’t be a more perfect meaning for she really is his pride and joy. Mark was absolutely brilliant as a new Dad, he helped me with night feeds, he would cook dinner some evenings so that I could have a hot shower that lasted more than 3 minutes and he worked so hard to give us a lovely home. Two and a half years later Harry was born and Mark was delighted to have son to add to our family. Once again Mark stepped up and helped me out so much with our newborn and toddler, nothing was too much trouble and he was always willing to get involved.

When the children were small Mark would play games with them, he taught them to ride their bikes and he would spend time helping them with their maths homework (never my strong point!). These days the kids are so much more independent and our parenting roles have changed. Nowadays Mark spends his time driving them to various friend’s houses, or dishing out cash for whatever they need and taking them to various classes and clubs. 

As well as working incredibly hard, Mark spends every spare minute he has working on our house renovations. He works tirelessly, he never complains (well maybe every now and again!) and he always goes above and beyond to give us the best life he can and he very rarely sits still!

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The only downside to all this hardwork is that we hardly ever get any time to spend together and I never know how to thank him for everything he does. Our social life consists mainly of watching tv of an evening or walking the dog – sad huh? So when Warner Bros invited us to spend an evening with them to celebrate the upcoming Father’s Day it sounded like the perfect opportunity for us to spend some time together. We dropped the kids off with their grandparents and headed into London for the evening. The night started with drinks and snacks at Warner Bros HQ, before heading into the private screening room to watch Creed. Now I must admit that this wouldn’t have been my first choice of film, but it was all about Mark so I was happy to go with the flow and I’m so glad that I did because the film was awesome! The whole night was brilliant, not just because we were at Warner Bros, but because we got to spend time together. We were able to talk without the constant interruptions of the kids or one of us having to get up because the dog needing to be let out, we chatted about our days, our upcoming holiday and the next stage of the renovations. It was laid back, there was no clock watching and rushing on to the next thing and it felt so good to see Mark visibly relax for once. It was a fantastic way to say thank you to him for all his hard work. It’s so hard to show Mark how much we love him and how grateful we are for everything he does for us, but spending some time together as a couple and as a family is perfect. This Father’s Day will be all about relaxing and spending time together, watching movies and enjoying some family time. We’ll watch movies, get his favourite snacks and switch off from the usual routine for a day.

How will you be celebrating Father’s Day? 

Sam xx



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