Thriller Live - A Review

Mark and I went to see Thriller Live last weekend. I wasn't sure what to expect from the show as I hadn't read any reviews beforehand. I think I thought it was going to be like We Will Rock You, which had the awesome music from Queen but it was set around a fairly rubbish storyline, so I didn't have high hopes of fully enjoying it. 

Thriller Live was completely different. It basically told the story of Michael Jackson's life, but focused on the songs he released. It didn't go into any detail about his childhood or private life, nor did it include details about his relationships and children. Instead, it was more like a discography, so it started with songs from when he was part of the Jackson 5 and went right the way through to the History album. 

It felt much more like a concert than a stage show and there was lots of audience participation. We were up out of our seats and dancing on several occasions! The singers were fantastic and they did a great job of recreating Michael Jackson's greatest hits. Our favourite moments were Smooth Criminal because of the moonwalk and Man In The Mirror because it is still my favourite MJ song ever!

Thriller Live is currently on tour at the moment and we definitely recommend it for any body that is a fan of Michael Jackson's music.

Sam xx