Useful Resources For Planning A Holiday To Orlando

Although I’ve been to Florida many times, I still find planning a holiday there so much fun. Every time we go there is something new to see, because Orlando is always evolving. I find that there is so much information out there about Florida that it can feel a bit overwhelming. So I thought I would share my favourite resources for planning a holiday to Orlando.

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Useful Resources For Planning A Holiday To Orlando


There are tons of books available that are great resources for planning a holiday to Orlando.

My “go to” book is always The Brit Guide To Orlando. There is so much useful information for First Timers in this book. It breaks everything down into easy to find content. So if you want to research a specific theme park, there’s a section for that. If you have no idea which restaurants to eat in, there’s a section for that. You get the idea!

I would still recommend that you check out this book even if you’ve visited Orlando before because it is updated every year. There may be rides and attractions that weren’t there last time you visited but they will be detailed in the book.


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I have three websites that I prefer to use when I’m planning my next trip to Orlando.

The first is The Dibb. Brits who are planning trips to Orlando will find this website so informative. I’ve been using it for years and still learn new things from it. I find that there is a ton of information in the forums and there’s plenty of knowledgeable people who are happy to help with your questions.

I always use the ‘Busy Day Guide’ on The Dibb when I’m planning which days to visit the theme parks. It details which parks will be the least or most busy on any given date. This is useful information because the lower the crowds, the less queues there will be for the rides.

Another feature I really enjoy on The Dibb is reading the ‘Trip Reports’ section. This is where people that have returned from their holiday will write a review of what they did while they were away. I love reading about what other people got up to and I get lots of ideas for things to do with my family on our holiday from them.

The second website I use is DISboards. This is an American website, but I have found it really useful. It offers pretty much the same things as The Dibb, but sometimes it’s nice to see things from a different perspective. I love their creative boards, where you can see crafts that people have made, such as matching t-shirts for their upcoming trip.

The final website I use is the Disney Parks Moms Panel.The panel is handpicked by Disney and they have direct access to Disney information. This is a great resource as they can help with questions that may need an ‘official’ answer, such as allergy information. I really recommend this site if you have specific needs for your holiday and you are visiting Disney World.

Have a look at these websites, I think you’ll agree that they are great resources for planning a holiday to Orlando!




Facebook Groups

I think that Facebook groups are really useful resources for planning a holiday to Orlando. A quick search on Facebook for ‘Orlando’ or ‘Florida’ will bring up several groups you can join. It’s your choice which ones you choose, my favourites are It’s Orlando Time and Disney and Orlando for The Brits.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions in the groups. There’s no such thing as a silly question and there’s always somebody that’s willing to help you.


So there you have my favourite resources for planning a holiday to Orlando, I hope you find them useful!


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