Using Furniture For The Finishing Touches*

Adding Finishing Touches To The Kitchen and Orangery

Adding furniture to a room can completely change the way it looks and feels. It’s important to get it right and think carefully about the pieces you are adding. If you are dressing a small room don’t add huge sofas and storage units as it will feel even smaller, likewise, for a large room add statement pieces that give a wow factor. Once you have chosen the right furniture you’ll be able to add accessories that will help to give the room some extra touches. 

Now that the main bulk of work in the house is over we are focusing our attention on the decor. We’ve painted the kitchen and orangery in white as we felt that the kitchen gives it that ‘wow factor’ and we didn’t want to detract from that with coloured paint. We’ve ordered a new sofa as the one we have isn’t right for the room. 

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We weren’t sure whether to dress the windows or leave them plain, but in the end we decided to add curtains because it gets so bright in there in the mornings. We opted for striped curtains with a hint of yellow in them just to add a splash of colour. 

We need to add a new dining table and chairs as the set we have doesn’t quite go. We are probably going to get one that can extend as there are loads of us when we all get together. I’d quite like it to be round as I feel it would fit the space nicely, so will become oval when extended. The table can be quite plain as the chairs will add the flourish of luxury. I quite like the buttoned back style, with a chunky handle on the back.

Dining Chair from Dandelion Interiors

Dining Chair from Dandelion Interiors

I’m considering adding a console table under the television so that I have somewhere to put a candle and maybe a photo frame or two. I really like the mirrored ones as they add a touch of luxury.

Console Table from Dandelion Interiors

Console Table from Dandelion Interiors

We need somewhere to store the board games, as we love a games night with the family, so we are going to keep our oak unit, but we are going to paint it a blue/grey colour so that it fits with the rest of the room better. It cost us a lot of money so we would rather not get rid of it unless we have to. So by modernising it we’re hoping that we will get many more years of use from it. 

What would you add to a room to give it some finishing touches?

This post was written in collaboration with Dandelion Interiors

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