Waffles, Chocolate and Beer | Bruges Day Trip

During our weekend cruise we had the opportunity to take an excursion into Bruges. It is such a pretty place and we are so glad that we took the time to visit.

Walking through the cobbled streets of Bruges feels a little like stepping back in time. Horse drawn carriages gently transport visitors around the town, balconies are overflowing with flowers and boats glide up and down the canal filled with tourists soaking up the sights and sounds.



The lanes are lined with chocolate shops and each one has a window full of the most beautiful edible creations. Chocolate Line has an area in the shop where you can see the chocolatiers at work, it’s fascinating to watch them make little chocolate treats. If all that chocolate wasn’t enough, the cafes and waffle bars are an assault on your senses. Everywhere you turn is the delicious smell of waffles or pancakes being cooked and they taste even better than they smell! Dotted in amongst the cafes and chocolate shops are the most beautiful Christmas shops, each one filled with delicate glass decorations and intricate cuckoo clocks.



Adult visitors to Bruges will be very happy with the amount of beer on sale! From the brewery with it’s pipeline that runs right through the town, to all the shops selling beer in a plethora of flavours, there’s something for everyone – banana flavoured beer anyone? Bacchus Cornelius has 450 types of beer available.

There is a buzz to Bruges, it’s lively and energetic and infectious. The square, with its skyline dominated by Belfort, the 83 feet 13th century tower. is lined with cafes where the outdoor seating is full even on the coldest of days. The chatter of friends and family catching up over coffee and waffles fills the air.



Bruges is a relaxed and friendly town, despite the crowds of tourists. It’s a beautiful destination that offers something for everyone and definitely somewhere that should be considered for a city break.


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