Why Cleaning Is Good For The Soul

I recently discovered an account on Instagram that has everyone cleaning their houses like they’ve never been cleaned before. I watched a few of the videos and within a few minutes I was hooked and writing a list of all the items I needed for my ‘Narnia’. (If you know, you know!) I set to work on getting my house super clean. I don’t particularly enjoy cleaning, but as I got stuck in it made me realise that cleaning is good for the soul.

My house has always been clean and tidy but I haven’t done a deep clean for a long time. I started by cleaning the bathrooms, I scrubbed the tiles, polished the shower doors and disinfected everything I could. It took me about three hours. The following day I cleaned our bedroom. I washed the shutters, cleaned the windows and polished all the mirrors, I even cleaned the skirting boards! My week continued with me cleaning a different room each day. I got to Friday and I was shattered, but also proud of what I had achieved.


What I Learnt Whilst Cleaning (apart from the fact that cleaning is good for the soul)

I am an excellent procrastinator. I had a habit of putting various things off. This would have been fine but the number of tasks I had ‘put off’ was getting out of control. As I worked through cleaning each room I tried to complete as many tasks as I could. For example, I took all the cushions off the sofa and hoovered all the pet hair off – it was gross! I decided there and then that procrastinating was not a sensible option and that I needed to take control.


A mop and bucket with rubber gloves hanging over the side and a selection of cleaning products placed around it. The wording reads 'why cleaning is good for the soul'


I don’t have the hoarding gene. My Grandma, bless her, was a terrible hoarder. My Mum shows signs of having the potential to be a hoarder. Thankfully I do not possess that gene. Whilst I like to have the odd ornament out, I do not like to have lots of ‘stuff’ everywhere. It’s partly due to the fact that I hate having to clean it all. I’m somewhere between being a minimalist and being a hoarder. My kids on the other hand are definitely displaying the signs of being hoarders. They keep so much junk in their rooms it’s crazy! Maybe it’s because they’re teenagers and the effort involved in keeping their rooms tidy is just too much to ask. Who knows?!


I make a lot of excuses. Ugh the truth hurts with this one. As you may know from previous posts, we’re in the middle of a house renovation right now. (I moan about discuss this regularly on my Instagram stories if you’re interested). It seems I have developed a habit of blaming A LOT of things on the renovation. I have put off mopping the floors because the builders will be back making more mess tomorrow. I hadn’t tidied piles of ‘stuff’ away because there’s no storage anywhere due to the renovation taking place. You get the picture. I soon realised that it’s not the renovation that’s stopping me from doing these things. I just wasn’t being clever with how I managed it all. There are plenty of ways I can stop it from feeling like the renovation is taking over.


Cleaning is my cardio! I don’t do much exercise other than doing yoga and when I walk Chester, but cleaning my house was like doing a workout. By the time I finished each room I was hot, sweaty and absolutely shattered! Not only did it feel like I was getting some serious exercise, it also meant that I was asleep within minutes of my head hitting the pillow. I struggle with insomnia so a decent night’s sleep makes such a difference to me. Not only is cleaning good for the soul, it’s good for my health too!


Cleaning makes me happy. Yeah I know how geeky that sounds, but it’s true. I enjoyed doing the cleaning much more than I thought I would. It felt so good to stand back and look at how tidy everything looked and how fresh it all smelled. I was proud of the rooms that were clean and tidy and no longer embarrassed about the renovation mess.


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I became more grateful. The biggest surprise to come from all this cleaning was how grateful I felt. Grateful that I have a house to clean and a family to clean for. I’m grateful for everything in my house too, yes it might be a pain to have to clean it all, but I have so many lovely things and I realise how lucky I am.


How I know cleaning is good for my soul

The best thing to come out of all this cleaning (apart from a tidy house of course!) is how it made me feel. Not only did I feel better physically, but mentally I felt so good. Before I started cleaning everything felt like it was getting on top of me and I started to feel a bit suffocated. As I worked through each room my mind would wander and would naturally start finding solutions to problems that had been buzzing about for days.

I am a stay at home mum these days and I feel like I need to show what I’ve been doing with my time all day. Mark is amazing and doesn’t care how I spend my days, but I felt kind of ashamed that I wasn’t ‘doing my fair share’. Now I know that he only has to look around to see how busy I’ve been all day and that makes me feel so good.

Having the house so clean and tidy means that I can relax. I can focus on writing more, because I have space to think, I have the chores under control and I have a clear head. I told you cleaning is good for the soul!





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