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Finding The Perfect Present For A Teenager

As the kids get older I find it harder to come up with good gifts to buy them for Christmas and their birthdays. These days their wishlists are full of games for Harry and clothes or makeup for Abby, which is fine but they look so small and cost an absolute fortune! I miss the days of going to a toy shop and buying them toys in giant boxes. 

I’m finding it harder and harder to find unique gifts for them too. I don’t want to buy the same product that I bought last year, just repackaged, I want something new and exciting. I want to get them things that show that I’ve thought about them and what suits their personalities. 

Wicked Uncle feels the same way and their website is full of cool gifts that are a bit different to what you find on the high street. Their ever-expanding teenage section is full of quirky gift ideas, such as the alarm clock that rolls around the room until you get up to switch it off! What a fab way of getting teens out of bed! 

Abby was delighted to be asked to review some products from the Wicked Uncle website. She chose the Flamingo Nail Cushion and the Burn After Writing Interactive Book

Review Of The Flamingo Nail Cushion

Flamingo, Cushion, Gift, Teenagers, Nails, Manicure

Firstly, we were really pleased to see that the cushion arrived in a box – quite often items we buy online turn up packaged in nothing more than a plastic bag, which is no good if you want to wrap it to give as a gift. The packaging was bright and appealing to teenagers.

Flamingo, Cushion, Gift, Present, Teenagers, Nails, Nail Varnish, Manicure

The cushion is covered in a flamingo print, which is very on-trend right now. The material is a hard wearing cotton and feels like it will last well. There is a wipe clean area on the front so if your teen misses their nails it’s nice and easy to clean off. Above the wipe clean area are two holes for standing bottles of nail varnish in. Abby has quite a few different sizes and styles of nail varnish bottles but we didn’t have a problem fitting any of them in. On the back of the cushion there is a handy pocket for keeping nail files in. 

Flamingo, Cushion, Gift, Teenagers, Nail Varnish, Salon

Mum’s View

I think this would be a really lovely gift that I would be more than happy to give to a teenager. I think the print is fun and up to date, so appeals to kids. As a parent I’m really impressed with the fact that the cushion has a wipe clean area, and that the nail varnishes can sit snuggly in the holes with no risk of them falling out. 

Abby’s View

I was really looking forward to my delivery and I was so impressed when it arrived! It was all neatly packaged and addressed to me, it’s so fun opening your own deliveries. The cushion is really cool, the holes for the nail pots are super useful as I’m prone to spilling them and making a mess! The mat is also useful because i’m not great at painting my nails and regularly miss them, but having a wipe clean mat really helps. 

Review Of The Burn After Writing Interactive Book

The book is a bit like a modern day diary, but instead of lots of blank pages for filling with your deepest thoughts, there are lots of questions and prompts for your teen to answer, for example ‘I want more…’ and ‘I want less…’. The book is hardcover and with a pretty mint green jacket and the text inside is written in a fun, playful font. There are motivational quotes dotted throughout the book.

Burn After Writing, Diary, Journal, Teenagers, Gift, Present, Unusual Gift, Stocking Filler

Mum’s View

I think the book is lots of fun and would make a great stocking filler, or top-up gift when you need to add a little something extra. I love the motivational quotes that are uplifting and promote self confidence. It was great to see how much Abby has been enjoying filling in the book (although everything she wrote was top secret!). I really like the quality of the pages and the colourful pages that mark the different sections of the book add an extra bit of fun.

Back Cover, Burn After Reading, Diary, Book, Journal, Teens, Teenagers, Gift, Present, Stocking Filler

Abby’s View

This book is fab! It lets me keep my own secrets but it feels like I’m telling someone at the same time. It is nice to have something like this, when I’m bored or tired of doing homework I can pick up the book and answer the questions. I think the three sections; past, present, and future, make it really interesting, it lets me see how much iIve changed and turned into a teenager. The questions asked are quite funny to answer when you think back to old memories and embarrassing times. This is an awesome book and I hope they bring out another one in the future for when I run out of pages! Thank you Wicked Uncle!

Gift Wrap and Greetings Cards

Once you have chosen your items and gone through to the checkout of the Wicked Uncle website you can choose to add gift wrapping and a card at an additional cost. There are quite a few different designs of gift wrap and some fun card options. Abby chose to get her items gift wrapped and she said that they looked lovely when they arrived. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of this because she was too excited to wait for me to get home before she unwrapped her items! 

Disclosure: Wicked Uncle provided us with a voucher to spend on items of our choice from their website in exchange for an honest review.

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