I love a weekend away, I think it’s so good for the mind and soul to have some time out of our usual routines to relax and explore a new area. Mark and I recently… View Post

With our next trip to Orlando getting ever closer I was talking to the kids about what their ‘Must Dos’ are and I thought it would be fun to share their itineraries with you. We’re… View Post

Mark and I are huge Formula 1 fans and have wanted to attend a Grand Prix for years but we always thought it was too expensive and not suitable for kids, so it’s something that… View Post

It’s a funny old world we live in these days isn’t it? We spend more time focusing on the phone in our hand than we do looking at what’s happening around us in real life.… View Post

Barcelona has been at the top of my Wanderlust Wishlist for absolutely ages and I was beginning to think I would never get to visit it, so I think you can guess how excited I… View Post

As the months countdown to my 40th birthday I’ve noticed that I’m focusing a lot on myself and changing things that I’m not happy with. I’ve changed my eating habits by cutting out meat and… View Post

It’s International Women’s Day and it has me thinking about me and what it feels like to me to be a woman in 2018, the answer? I feel invisible most days. (Don’t switch off, this… View Post