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Terms and Conditions

Please note that all collaborations are subject to the following terms and conditions:


  1. All collaborative posts will be disclosed.
  2. Items/packages valued less than £50 will be promoted with one photo & link on my 3 main social media channels (Twitter, Instagram & Facebook). Items/packages valued over £50 will receive a review with multiple photos, multiple links & social media promotion.  Items/packages over £250 will be promoted with a review, photos & social media promotion & a video on my Instagram stories.
  3. If you provide a competition prize for Memories and Mayhem Blog then please ensure that you send the prize directly to the winner within 30 days of being sent the ‘Notification of Winner’ email. I reserve the right to invoice for the prize amount plus a handling fee of £25 where this is not done. If a competition prize is sent to me, I reserve the right to invoice for postage and packaging & a £25 handling fee.  Always treat any data passed as part of the competition as confidential and personal and adhere to the Data Protection Act 1998.
  4. All text written by me and all images taken by me for the collaboration remain copyright of Memories and Mayhem Blog; if you wish to use an image, please contact me to discuss a fee.
  5. Please also ensure you read my Disclosure, Disclaimer & Privacy Policy.